2nd Anniversary :D

Hey guys!  Guess what was so special a few days ago :P  It was Linda Chung Thoughts 2nd anniversary!!  Yes!  We've been online for 2 years :D  haha....I failed to post this earlier though, due to midterms and such D:  They're finally...somewhat over, but things are still busy.  So I apologize for not updating as regularly! D;

Anyways....2 years seem to have flown by so fast, so let's aim for a fantastic third year!  Hope that Linda Chung Thoughts will continue to spread to even more Linda fans :D

Thanks guys!

btw Happy late Mid-Autumn!!!!!!!!!  Hope you guys all had a wonderful party!  haha...I had a family party, but had to wake up early for two midterms the next day T-T  The bright side of that was when I woke up, the sky was still pitch black....and the moon was still out!  So bright and glowy!  Guess what I thought of at that moment?  Linda singing "The Moon Represents My Heart" in Witness Insecurity!  Hehe...I started humming to the song while waiting for the bus :D