[News] Linda Chung Struggled With Social Anxiety For Years

Ok, I should be doing my math homework...but I couldn't resist posting this up!!!!  MUST READ for all fans!!  Even non-fans!
Linda Chung Struggled With Social Anxiety For Years
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I thought this was a wonderful interview...inspiring actually.  It showed a different side of Linda...the side that if you don't pay attention to her news etc, you wouldn't really notice, since Linda is always full of smiles on the outside.  We all know that Linda suffered from depression as it's been talked about alot, but every time I read another article on it...somehow there's always something new.  It was heart-aching to know that she suffered from depression, but luckily she got herself out of it and didn't give up....

Linda mentions Kelly Chen alot...always referring to how Kelly Chen was the reason why she won :)  I often wonder if Kelly have ever read these articles before...haha.  There are times when you do something so small, and wouldn't think that it means much to anyone...but in reality it does.  I've experience that before, like Linda though...I was too scared to say thank-you to that person for what she did when I luckily met her again.  *sigh*  To imagine a girl like Linda working in the entertainment world, I personally wouldn't think it'll happen...but she is :)  Sometimes things just happens, no way you can control it...as it's fated?

It's true the Linda is quite a modest person (one of the reasons why I like her!), but at times...I feel that she doesn't give herself enough credit for all of her achievements....luck is one thing, but without hardwork, she wouldn't get to where she is today.

I'll be frank that there are times when I wouldn't consider myself a "true" Linda fan because I don't watch series simply for her (I honestly can't do that for any artiste, since I'll only watch the series if the storyline is nice) or listen to her songs that often.  So no, I would not say that I'm a fan of Linda for her acting or singing...but solely for her personality.  I remember following TVB Musings back then, and he'd always post news of Linda there.  From the bits and pieces I had read, I gradually began to admire her....and that's when I started to follow Linda Cottage, where Linda sent in hand-written messages to her fans.  I've became "fans" of other artistes before, but those moments gradually disperse through time...but for Linda, the feelings never faded...only more admiration through time as I get to know more about her.