[News] Linda hints (Philip Ng) has seen parents


Linda hints (Philip Ng) has seen parents 10/04/12

Last night Linda attended a music recording program, asked whether her mother had come to HK to visit her with rumoured boyfriend Philip, she did not deny this saying, “She’ve been very busy coming back to HK, helping me with taxes, cooking soup, spending little time on the streets. (Has mum seen Philip before?) No! but she has seen a lot of my other friends!

Linda routinely denies the rumour with Phillip.


Linda mother’s reaction to boyfriend: No comment (Apple Daily News)

Last night Linda was on "JSG" rehearsing for #1 song, "Vaccine", recently its been reported that her mother came back from Canada, asked if she would arrange boyfriend Philip to meet her parents, she says "My mum’s back to Hong Kong helping me with the tax returns, cooking soup, basically she’s very busy, with no time to accompany me to TV city”.

Again, asked if Linda’s mother had any opinions on her boyfriend, she says: "No opinions, she doesn’t respond to any questions regarding feelings!"

Linda Chung (center) says her mother has return to Hong Kong to take care of her.


Linda not in a hurry to get married, afraid of picking the wrong one (Sing Tao News)

 Linda Chung appeared on the recording of “JSG”, asked if her boyfriend used this chance to meet her mother as she recently came to HK.

Linda embarrassingly said nobody has seen her mother, because she’ve been helping her with the tax returns and cooking soup for her to drink. Asked whether the ship incident lately will remind her to treasure people around her? Linda said: "Will do, will do!” (Will that rush you into getting married?) Marriage cannot be rushed, it won't allow you to think clearly and you could pick the wrong one.”

Translations by Jwan@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

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