AME - For the Love of Shoes

Linda's Weibo Update yesterday:


Eng Translation by Audrey@

"Am very happy to share my collaboration with online store Ame with everyone - where I'm taking part in this project as both the creative director as well as the spokesperson! Although I cannot officially disclose all the details at the moment, I really can't wait to invite you guys to the launch party held in December. You just need to go to, enter the password "linc", follow the instructions to "like" and invite your friends to take part too. The top 10 members with the highest referrals will receive invites to the party. Please support, thanks!"
There is an "English" version, so remember to press that guys!  And as stated above, the secret code is "linc".

After that, log in with your facebook or email address!  (For email address, you have to first "sign up for a new account" then they'll send an activation link to your email.)

So this is what you'll get to see in the end!!  Hehe who is going to try to get the VIP invitations?  Feel free to "invite" me via email :D  Oh!  Remember to keep track of our rank with the rank bar!

Can't wait for more info on Ame.  I'm guessing that this is the fashion business that Linda was talking about before ;)