[News] With Top TV Ratings and Popular Among The Audience, The TV Queen Award Is In Sight For Linda Chung

Having lost out the TV Queen Award last year with her performance as Miss Koo, Linda Chung has had to start all over again this year and has been heavily promoted by TVB. The drama "Witness Insecurity", in which she was partnered up with "Lucky Star" Bosco Wong, has received the highest average rating for a tv drama so far this year. This year, Linda has four dramas which were aired one after the other and so she has a high chance of challenging Myolie Wu for the TV Queen Award. Her dramas "Blissful Ferris Wheel" and "Big Wheel" are still to air this coming year, so her popularity will only rise in the near future!

With the TVB awards ceremony in sight now, the candidates for the TV Queen award has become clearer. Last year's TV Queen Myolie Wu has had three dramas aired this year, namely "Wish and Switch", "Ghetto Justice 2" and "House of Harmony and Vengeance"; however, Linda Chung has caught up and four of her dramas were broadcast later in the year, which were "L'Escargot", "Daddy Good Deeds", "House of Harmony and Vengeance" and "Witness Insecurity". Apart from being praised for her role as the third wheel in "L'Escargot", her drama with Bosco Wong, "Witness Insecurity", also has the highest average rating for a tv drama so far this year.

When talking about her achievements this year, Linda appeared to be very satisfied as the response to all four of her dramas have been good. She said, "I have been really happy this year as I have been able to try out a range of roles. Regarding awards, I just want to go with the flow and see whether I whether I am destined to get it! To be able to receive the praise I have this year from the audience is already something which I'm very happy about; it doesn't matter any more whether I get an award or not."

When asked about her chances of succeeding Myolie as the new TV Queen, Linda said, "Tavia Yeung has also been great! Myolie was also really good in "Ghetto Justice 2". I don't want to use the word "fight" (for the award). I hope the word "fight" doesn't appear in Linda Chung's dictionary. I would be really happy just to be nominated because every actress has given their all and we all support each other. I really haven't given this too much thought since awards are not the most important thing. I am already happy and satisfied that the audience have been able to call me by the name of my character in dramas and that they have praised my performances. I just want to go with the flow since there are so many factors behind winning the awards, for example, what my company thinks about my performance."
This year, TVB is looking to implement a system where the public also gets a say in who wins the awards. Linda has always had a strong and loyal fan base, so when asked whether she was confident that she would pull in many votes, she replied, "Yes, I'm confident! When I went onto the show "All Star World Exam" and the audience had to vote for a winner, I won! I have a lot of fans, and I have realised for the past year that it has increased. Everyone's response to my performances have been good and the audience seem to support my roles, so I hope people will vote for me!"I think the "one person, one vote" system is good since the hardest thing as an actress is to win over the audience, so the meaning behind the award will be greater."

Last year, Linda was a big favourite for the "My favourite female character" award for her performance as Miss Koo, but eventually she lost out on the award. She expressed her disappointment by saying, "The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment, so I will not be expecting too much."
It is understood that Linda really likes her new drama, "Blissful Ferris Wheel". Earlier, when she was shooting the drama with Jason Chan and Brian Chu in Sai Kung, the normally quiet Linda often chatted with Jason Chan and even started singing together. She laughingly said, "I have always been really relaxed, it's just that you guys don't see it very often!" In the drama, Linda Chung and Jason Chan work for an organisation which aims to find missing persons. They have to find Linda's brother (who is portrayed by Brian Chu) who gets hooked onto drugs again and tries to commit suicide. Linda's character, thinking she is the one to blame, then goes everywhere with Jason Chan's character and they try to find him.
Even though the plot is very intense, the shooting process has been fairly relaxed. Not only do Linda and Jason chat together, but Linda also frequently pulls faces at other workers, making the atmosphere a lot lighter. Even though it is only their first collaboration, Linda praises Jason's performance. Jason states that he has channeled the pressure on him into positive energy and has been able to create sparks with Linda very quickly.

Source: Sing Tao Daily
Translated by jackie@ LindaCottage

Thoughts: Hehe love reading about Jason and Linda.  Even though I am sure about seeing him in a leading role, Jason reflects such a positive image....full of sunshine, on weibo :D  Remember how he uploaded a picture of Linda's album, that he bought, with her autograph on it?  So sweet ;)