[News] Linda Chung finds her 4 year long lost lookalike "brother" Wu Chun

Linda Chung finds her 4 year long lost lookalike "brother" Wu Chun

Linda Chung and Wu Chun "looks exactly like siblings" had been a hot topic for a full four years already. Yesterday, the the 'siblings' met for the first time at the MARC BY MARC JACOBS store opening ceremony. When Linda and Wu Chun stood next to each other, they looked 90% alike. They were about the same height, had the same sharp face shape, high nose and small lips. The only difference was Wu Chun was darker than Linda. Linda, nicknamed 'Wu Chun's female version', laughed in excitement once she saw her 'brother'. She gave him a cake to celebrate his birthday next week, "This has been talked about for 4 years, now we finally meet! It's just like I found my long lost brother. The bottom half of our face looks alike, for example the nose, chin and small lips. Just thinking of it makes me laugh."

Initially Linda's hair looked similar to a fringe cut and would have matched Wu Chun's hairstyle, but unfortunately her dress didn't match that hairstyle. She said, "When I was shooting A Watchdog's Tale, I had a short hair wig on, and when I was out on the street, people mistaken me for Wu Chun! I've thought of cutting my hair short too, but I was afraid I may look too much like him, so I didn't get it. Friends also think we look very much alike, even for myself, I am starting to wonder if Wu Chun's really is my long lost brother. I have to go back and ask my mom." When asked if she looks like a man then? Linda said: "Wu Chun is very handsome, resembling him is just another type of compliment." Linda wants to take pictures with Wu Chun and hopes to duet with him, in a group style. She said: "I should recommend that we portray siblings? When I see him, I may take initiative and suggest that we collaborate in something together."

Wu Chun also thinks he and Linda look alike: "We do kinda look alike. Before when I was shooting with Raymond Lam, he said we really looked alike. Ekin Cheng said the same thing. If we could play brother and sister in a movie/series in the future, that wouldn't be too bad." When speaking of Linda wanting to duet with him? Wu Chun laughed: "Waited too long because I've been acting more, if there was a film's theme song, then we could do it." Wu Chun will be turning 33 on October 10th, he expressed he'll be celebrating with his fans in Taiwan and hopes to invite the three other guys of Fahrenheit. When asked if his birthday wish is to be in a relationship? He said: "No, acting is better."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums


Wu Chun Invited by Linda Chung to Duet

Taiwan's handsome guy Wu Chun and Linda Chung, who is said to resemble him, both attended an event for the fashion brand Marc by Marc Jacobs. Wu Chun thinks that he and Linda have a slight resemblance: "Before, when filming a movie with Raymond Lam, he also said that there's a resemblance. Even Ekin Cheng said it before!" As for Linda hoping to group with him to sing a song, he said, "Must wait a little longer first. Currently busy with filming movies. If it's the theme song of a movie, can also duet!"

Linda Chung's Heart Palpitates Upon Seeing Wu Chun

Linda Chung and Taiwan's handsome guy Wu Chun, who is said to resemble her, both attended an event for the fashion brand Marc by Marc Jacobs. She frankly said that she felt nervous and excited, describing it as 'heart-pounding' and saying that her nose, chin, and small lips resembled Wu Chu the most...frankly saying that she must get a self-taken picture with him. She hopes to group with Wu Chun to duet or portray brother-and-sister roles. Asked whether she would make a self-recommendation, she said, "I am very passive; however, after seeing him, may suggest it!"

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