Vol: 476 - Falling in Love with Linda Chung

Being in the industry for 8 years, Linda Chung got a lot more fans from a very sexy deep v advertisement photo. It was such a shock to see Linda’s sexy side.

Linda’s life has been amazingly smooth. She finished school, then entered the beauty pageant, and got into the entertainment industry. Her first drama brought her to the first line but it is also because she has the beauty for it.

In many peoples' eyes keeping a good image is very hard, and a lot of beautiful new artists will go on magazines and all; but to leave everyone with a pure feeling is very rare (so that is at the moment).

Linda is starting to believe “My real home is at Canada, Hong Kong is just a place to work, I believe that at the end I will return back to Canada.” But Hong Kong does bring a lot more opportunities to her, “Income here is much better than an elementary school teacher back in Canada!” I can also collect rent from properties I own in Hong Kong and I can also have a nice house for my parents.

But Linda will have lonely times, her family is on the other side of the world and rumored boyfriend doesn’t have any more news; she is all alone just making money. This just concludes to Linda being a good girl, and putting this name to Linda definitely suits her well.


Even though Linda is very young she had already experience a lot. But if you’re expecting Linda’s current news, her ups and downs, the work she’s done to get to where she is now, or the sob stories. Sorry! Linda cannot help you, you just need to provide care like a little girl; but within this you will not feel a bit of boredom.

Being in the industry does create a lot of pressure to one, at times it also creates anxiety, emotional problems, and all these almost lead Linda to explode.

“I am a pressured person, especially with work but it’s just growing up. Having so much pressure it changes my attitude too! For example, when I was younger no matter what type of situation I was in I would feel really nervous, even for awards I would feel nervous, I would start with hand shaking, palm sweating. To be honest I don’t know why this happens I just believe that, that was the beginning of my anxiety. 4-5 years ago, I started to experience insomnia, it was the serious kind! Consecutively for 3 months I couldn’t sleep, even my friends say I look like a zombie, I was totally out of it and I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

Linda tried many different ways to cure her insomnia, even a trip back to Canada, and hope that she’ll finally go back to normal. “At that time I was really down and my friend suggested for me to go back to Canada, and stay in Canada since you can't handle your job in Hong Kong.”

“I finally decided to go search for god, so god can accept the fact that I have insomnia; gladly my insomnia got cured. Even though I rarely go to church, I believe that as long as your heart belong with god, it will be fine.”

She then got baptized, and she has been catholic for 4 years now.

Hardworking Linda

Working in the industry is not like any other jobs, if you can’t get notice or get any attention, you should just drop out.

That is exactly where all Linda’s pressure comes from; she pushes it to the limit when it comes to getting awards and doing her best within her job. Mama Chung would always bring Linda to the temple to know her luck for the year.

“Since I was small I would always go to the temple, and usually follow my mom around. She also believed in Fung Shui, so our house would always be filled with a lot of stuff. I tried asking a shifu why wasn’t my past good? He said, it’s because I’m consider as a rat and this and that. Then said that I’m a very smart girl, and I’m consider the king of rats, and how I would be very successful. He also mentioned that within the years 2012 and 2013 she will be the most successful within her career, she’ll get awards but I don’t believe that at all. I mean every single year I have a chance.” “In fact after I got baptized I got calmer, I know that god will tell me to be happier, enjoy my job, and love people and it’ll be fine.

Lonely Linda

Linda’s outer appearance is a very simple person, and talks very politely towards everyone. But just looking at her outer appearance you can already tell she is very lonely.

“My personality is very chicken, really afraid of things, and will absolutely not do anything risky. Almost all my friends think I would be the first to get marry and have kids, but instead I’m actually one of the last ones, some of them already have 2 kids.”

But she was given the gift of being able to work in Hong Kong, where Linda automatically stayed and worked. If she stayed in Canada, she would not be where she is today.

“I can only say this; I’m really grateful coming to Hong Kong to work and the results that arose are amazing. Especially with the income, if I were to stay in Vancouver I would have been an elementary school teacher and the income wouldn’t have been too well, but it was my two best friends and my dream job. Plus finding a stable teaching job isn’t that easy.”

Right now Linda has some properties in Hong Kong so she can collect rent, and just purchased a new house for her parents in Canada, but it’s all because she’ve been hard at work in Hong Kong.

“Working alone in Hong Kong makes me feel very alone. I really cannot live by myself. In Canada I would have my older sister to keep me company; we would even go to the washroom together! During days when I’m free I would usually stay at home and cook soup. Sometimes I would go out to shop, but I would quickly get what I need then head right home.”

Finding Love…

Linda is 28 and you may not have noticed but she has been living in Hong Kong for 8 years. Even though she is used to living the lifestyle in Hong Kong, she will always consider Canada as her home. She says that she will come back to Canada to live and start her family there.

"I do not consider that my path in life is wrong. I'm doing my favorite job and everyone has their own path. Before I planned to marry around 24-25, a shifu said I will absolutely get married before I turn 30; right now I just want to get married at the age at 31."

The only problem is that Linda has announced that she is single and has not found her ideal man yet. During many interviews, every time Phillip Ng’s name (rumored boyfriend) was mentioned, Linda would not be very happy.

"I will get married but I will not purposely find love and let it go with the flow. My mom always rushes me too but I say that it's better if you don't. The more you rush me, the more I rush myself and the more I get nervous can lead to finding the wrong guy instead. It's even worse to get married then realize that we have a problem between each other. All I know is that I will have a child because my mom said having a baby is what all women need to have. This is because women have received the gift of giving birth to children. Having a child makes everything perfect."

After placing a goal of marrying at 31, Linda still doubts the fact that that’ll be accomplishable  First of all, Linda haven't found her ideal man yet and second of all, her TVB contract will be done when Linda is 33.

“I have no comment! When love comes I still need to have money to support myself first! “

Linda actually has a second side to her!

Prince Charming Leon Lai

Linda was born in Vancouver, the environment she grew up in much differ from Hong Kong.

Straight until high school graduation, Linda’s dream/ideal man was one of the 1990s Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings, Leon Lai. “Leon’s voice is so sweet, and don’t you feel static from his eyes! Don’t you notice it?” “Before I would day dream and see that Leon will come and pick me on a white horse, dressed as a prince, so we can go live in his castle.” Linda said while laughing.

“But since I got into the industry I still haven’t met him, I always wanted to and I still have the same love for him!”

To be honest, Linda back then was just like a little crazed fan girl who chased after many celebrities. Linda would always say she didn’t find her ideal man so: “I am just waiting for my prince charming to come, but he just haven't arrive yet!”

Just like any of my friends, after knowing Leon and Gaile were about to get married, I immediately bravely posted on Facebook. Leon succeeded many years of chasing after Gaile. But now Leon is back to being single, this news should be good for single ladies.

Linda are you ready for your prince charming?

Source: linda garden
Translated by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca

Thoughts:  Wow...Linda only have a few years left in his contract...didn't realize that.