[Interview] Radio Interview 10/23/12 - Linda Chung Talks about Wong Hei and Paul Chun

2012-10-23 wonghei paul ge by longan_182

Linda Chung and Wong He first collaborated in "Twilight Investigation". Wong He is well known to be very demanding, which worried Linda.

"I really enjoyed working with Wong He. Before collaborating with him, many people told me that he was difficult to work with. I was afraid, what if he thinks that I'm stupid? But it was not true, he's actually very nice. He believes in Buddha, that there may be conflicts in our beliefs, but in the end we're all people with compassion."

"He's a very cute person, often fang sheng (releasing animals), even when he sees a dead cockroach, he'd pick it up and find a place to bury it. I find him very compassionate and don't understand why people says he's scary."

"He helped me alot during filming. For example during this scene where I acted as a ghost, I was hungry and wanted incense. According to the script, I only had to speak the lines but he told me to sniff it too. He taught me everything or else the role would've been killed/wasted."

"Then there was one scene where he fainted, and I had to wake him up. Because we were already so close, I was acting and joking with him at the same time, tickled him, making him yell, "Wah, you're so crazy!"

".....Like during his birthday, he received alot of cake, and even the colleagues who didn't work that day came to the studio to congratulate him. I really admire his acting, and he's also such a compassionate person."

Linda Chung and Paul Chun collaborated in "Witness Insecurity", under the advice of pa pa Paul Chun, the role of Linda Chung's reached a new level. For the first time, Linda Chung publicly thanked Paul.

"During the filming of "Witness Insecurity", Paul encouraged me alot, even though he may not have notice it. When I act, I often thought of how to create a breakthrough and that's when I was told I will be working with Paul. I knew he have a lot of experience, good acting and he helped me alot. There was one scene where I hyperventilate, because I have psychological problems, crying while speaking. He taught me first to imagine myself losing air, feeling pain and then cry. Before, I only cried but he taught me how to show the difficulty of breathing and crying at the same time...slowly releasing the emotions."

"He showed me what a focused actor is like, his experience in acting is very rich. A veteran like him is very good, even in evil roles."

"I was scared when I first filmed with him, had to quickly memorize my script, cannot come late. But after knowing him...find him quite sweet. One time he was sick, a cold, his voice was like a little kid's, very cute."

Paul Chun says that Linda Chung is a very hardworking actress and gets into her role well.

Translation by lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com
Viet translation by LA@http://www.facebook.com/lindachungvn

Note: I do not know chinese :P  I only saw the Vietnamese translation by LA and decided to translate that to English, since I wanted to practice my Vietnamese.  This is not a "word for word" translation though....so take notice of that when you listen to the actual interview x)

Haha it took me so long to translate it, since I only knew like...90% of what was given, so struggled with some parts for quite a bit.  Then when I tried to listen to the interview I was like....wah, I recognized the words, "stupid, crazy, scared and ghost"  lols.  After 3 years of watching tvb series in cantonese...that was all I understood :P

I love Wong He.  Too bad tvb didn't treasure him :P  I find him quite sweet....remember the time he specifically came to tvb's studio to give Linda a Christmas present?  That was sweet!  I'm a bit confuse though.....didn't they collaborated in The Gem of Life?  So Twilight Investigation isn't the first one....just the first one they paired together in.  Really hope they can film together again one day though...personally liked them together alot.  hehe good chemistry..but more as friends in TI than a couple.


  1. Thankyou so much for posting this! I really respect Wong He and I knew Linda and WH really got along well during filming. Linda was even willing to go do "non publicity/promotional" charity work with Wong He when he invited her!

  2. OMG! Linda did the hyperventilating thingy, she's so cute! And from Paul Chun's remarks, we get to know Linda is one who aimed for 100% satisfaction in her works.

    Thanks for posting Lynne!

  3. @sport3888: You're welcome ;) Oh really? I remember it was propose in a news article somewhere...but did it ever happen? I admire Wong He alot too. He's definitely not afraid to speak his mind :)

    @anonymous: Glad you enjoyed it ;D