Yes Magazine Vol.1127 - English Translation

Linda’s drama series has normally been followed by one after another, but with none at present she is still making appearances on our television screens. Linda is currently focusing on her singing career at the moment, working hard on music recordings and making special guest appearances on music programs, promoting her new song “You’re my other half”.

Earlier in the year, Linda promised she’ll be releasing an album, and her fans were worrying when this will actually happen as the year comes to an end. Fans need not to worry as Linda has just finished recording all her songs, confirming the release date of her new album to be on the 23rd November, highlighting that love will be the main theme.

Whether or not we have heard her songs, I’m sure we will all be infatuated with Linda personally singing!

MV in uniform (p.26)

Recently Linda was shooting her music video for the song “You’re my other half”, which revolves around the story of a nurse (played by her) and her patient whose a member of the triads (played by a Japanese model). His occurring injuries and their time seeing each other eventually develops into a love story.

In the MV, a male Japanese model is involved with Linda saying, “I‘ve waited so long for this opportunity. My previous MV’s have mainly been just me, now there’s a male model and it’s the first time I’ve collaborated with a Japanese guy, so really excited! When I initially started shooting, I wanted to get Bosco Wong as the patient due to the similarities when we were both in “Witness Insecurity”. In the drama series I was waiting for him so felt this too would be similar. But Bosco is currently busy, so I’ll find him next time when he’s free!”

If Linda and Bosco will really shoot an MV together in the future, “Witness Insecurity” fans will definitely be delighted!

Young Sailor Moon (p.26)

Linda’s new look, dressed up like a tender angel clothed in white clotes, is a new and interesting area for her to explore.

“Having starred in a lot of drama series, I have never acted as a nurse. This time I can actually have a feel of trying on a nurse’s uniform. My childhood dream was actually to become a nurse, but as I got older I felt scared, feel sick and could not breathe whenever I see blood or operations. In the end I pursued something else; I really loved children so I wanted to become a teacher instead.

Linda also confessed whilst she has never worn any uniform, she loved playing dress up when she was young; “I dressed up and posed as Sailor moon and would steal mum’s clothes to play!”.

Actually Sailor moon is a type of uniform, so maybe Linda did wear uniforms before!

Album singing “Love, Love, Love” (p.27)

Linda has said for a long time she’ll be releasing an album, which will finally be released on the 23rd November with the countdown already beginning!

It was announced earlier that she had finished recording the last song, and she can now focus on advertising and promoting her new album. The new album "Love, Love, Love", with love as the central theme, focuses on different aspects of love so there will be plenty of slow songs.

“There are currently 11 songs, including the recently released 'Vaccine' and 'You’re my other half', there will also be my newly created song 'Simple Friendship'. Plenty of stress involved whilst working on this album; these included a lack of sleep and bad skin complexion.

Regarding pictures for the album, previous pictures revolved around the feeling of “hurt”, but this time happiness will be the main focus, hoping it’ll leave a positive and happy impression.

Always looking to improve (p.27)

Linda’s performances so far have been eye catching, at the same time as an artist, this comes along with the associated pressure of singing. “I have jumped from the tv screen to the music industry, afraid of people thinking that I am not taking it seriously. So every time I perform, I do my best and set myself high expectations”.

“There’s still a long road ahead with plenty to learn, so I hope to sing with different styles. Audiences tend to think of me as good and obedient, don’t know a lot of things, don’t know how to dance etc. But I want to change people’s perceptions. I want to try out new things every year, to progress step by step, to change people’s views that I can only sing slow, love songs to singing fast and wild songs”.

Besides releasing a new album, Linda has also started shooting a new drama series! “I have just started shooting “Big Wheel”, recently been doing research on different films, drama series, new acting techniques and new ideas. This time I’ll be collaborating with Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu and Louis Yuen, hoping to create good chemistry between us!

Wow...shooting and promoting the album at the same time, Linda is indeed very hard working!

Source: Linda Garden
Translated by Jwan@

Thoughts:  As promised, here is the translation!  Thanks Jwan ;) Linda initially wanted Bosco to be in her mv?  Too bad that didn't happen :(  I miss seeing them already....haha I want Bosco to be her partner during tvb's anniversary/awards...or Ruco Chan would be nice too x)