[News] Linda Chung Suspended Up on 7th Floor, Risk Life For TV Queen Title


TVB anniversary awards is approaching soon, the TV King and Queen battle is the center of attention. This year's TV Queen top five include Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim, Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung. "Netizens' Favorite" Linda had just been accompanying the race for several years, but this year she can no longer be ignored since her performances in L'Escargot, Witness In Security and Daddy Good Deeds were outstanding. Unfortunately, those series were broadcasted too early, looks like its quite a disadvantage for Linda.

To win the momentum back, recently Linda has been busy shooting new series Big Wheel and is putting exceptional effort into it. Yesterday she personally filmed a dangerous scene herself without using a stunts double and putting her life on the line. She just hopes to gain some appreciation from the TVB executives and audience!

Yesterday Linda and Ruco Chan were working near a large industrial building in Kowloon Bay, where Linda was suspended on wires up from the 7th floor of the building. She posed like a superwoman in front of the cameras and appeared excited. However, the staff helping her buckle up the safety belts were a lot more tense, checking and testing the positions over and over again.

After Linda was suspended up to the 7th floor, it was lead actor Ruco Chan's turn to climb out from the window to save her. Because they had to accommodate the different camera angles, the two did the same scene several times. At one point, Linda started screaming because it was necessary for the scene, and that attracted a lot of bystanders. When she finally finished shooting and came down, the bystanders applauded and cheered for her. Then Linda and Ruco got back on wires and did a scene where they both fall from the 3rd floor down to a cargo truck.

Linda expressed the moment she was suspending on the wires, she was a little frightened: "I was a little scared at first! But then, I just pretended that I'm on a free amusement ride and I've done costume dramas before where I had to pretend to jump off a cliff. TVB bought insurance for me." Dressed in the 90s fashion, Linda laughed and said she had to borrow her mother's wardrobe and her mother even became her costume director. Ruco plays a police officer in this series, and also praised Linda for being so calm. He reveals he has a lot of car chasing and gun fighting scenes, "The action director and other staff are well experienced, I trust them that they will take all the safety precautions needed. What I have to do is make myself fitter."

Linda and Herman Ho are just like Father-Daughter

Also, Linda had just signed under Star Shine as one of the singers. It was said Star Shine's boss Herman Ho gives her special treatment, which has frightened her. Regarding this rumor, Linda frankly expressed over the phone that Herman was already helping her since her debut album. Up until now, it's been three years of collaboration. Because of this, they have a closer relationship, but it is just the father-daughter type. Linda said: "I just think it's strange, every time I release an album, news like this will pop up. I feel scared inside, but I'm not scared of my boss. Also, these reports always say there is some 'insider' exposing the news, but just who is this 'insider'? I hope they don't act like this anymore!" When asked if she'll keep her distance? She expressed no because they have collaborated for many years and she denied the rumor that Herman gave her diamonds.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/