Welcome 2013!!!

[12/31/12] Linda's Weibo Message: 早晨 :) 还有15 hours 就2013。 What's your new years resolution?

Good morning :) 15 more hours until 2013. What's your new years resolution?

[12/31/12] Linda's weibo message: 今晚可以跟上水广场的朋友和粉丝过新年好开心! 今晚不能續—照相, 希望大家見諒,不要覺得被忽略, 你们常在我心:) 我爱你们。 祝新年快乐, 幸福笑哈哈!!!lovelovelove -L-

Tonight got the chance to welcome the new year with friends and fans! Don't have the pictures of tonight though, hope that you guys will understand, don't feel left out, you guys are always in my heart :) I love you guys. Wish everybody a happy new year and smile happily haha!!! lovelovelove -L-

Lynne:  And so, I also wish Linda and you guys all a very Happy New Year!!!!!  2013!  Yah!  Anyways, I also hope that you guys like the new layout and banner.  Also Linda's weibo widget and our twitter on the side bar!  Follow us on twitter!  :D

Please check out the album page for Love Love Love since I just added the English translation for the songs:  Vaccination and Drop.  Check it out if you want ;)

There are also edits done to the Affiliates page, so if you're an affiliate, please check your link just in case I did something stupid to it x)

"Meet the Team" aka the 'about' page is also edited.

Big Wheel's filming pics have also been updated (but unknown because the "featured" section is not working), so check it out if you want.

HTML Mishaps
As for the "featured, latest, tags" section.  There are some odd thing happening.  I've checked and there is nothing wrong with the html.  It's probably one of those glitches that I'm just hoping to disappear on it's own....if it does not in a day or so, I'll just have to take it out of the layout (very unfortunate).  But I do think it'll resolve itself soon since it was working fine before.  It only disappeared when I was about to finish....=.=  Great way to start of the new year....aiya.