[News] Linda Chung Denies Race Wong is 3rd Party, Relationship with Philip Ng Never Changed

Yesterday Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Lin Xiawei, Calvin Chan, Cilla Lok and Mandy Lam attended the promotional event for TVB series Missing You. Linda expressed after she finishes shooting Brother's Keeper (formerly "Big Wheel") at the end of this month, she will be going on vacation and hopes to have a full 2 month break. It was rumored, Race Wong from the duo 2R has been involved in between Linda and rumored boyfriend Philip Ng's relationship. Linda calmly replied: "That's so funny! Sometimes it is rumored that we are together and other times we're breaking up! We still have a good relationship, just as before!" She stressed she and Race are long time good friends, they frequently go out for dinner and catch up. It's just recently they have been busy and haven't been in touch as much. When asked if she's afraid Race may get in between their relationship? Linda said: "If there are rumors that they are together, I would die laughing. (You have confidence?) I clearly know my friend's relationship!" Linda stressed Philip is just like her, a filial 'home boy'. Linda won't gossip on the reason why Race and Jacky Heung broke up and its normal for someone who had just fallen out of love to talk to a good friend. As for Philip's new film Young and Dangerous Reloaded is playing soon? Linda said: "I will see if I have time to go support him. I'm happy for him serving as the HK film action choreographer for the first time, congrats to him!"

Source: Mingpao, On.cc (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

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  1. Less talk less mistake... Smiles make things right again and say much more than words can. ... Answer a Request...Linda becomes too heavy to carry ...your career..Sorry Linda !!!!