[News] Linda Chung Wishes to Hold a Concert, Get Married in 4 years and Have 3 Children

Linda Chung has been working non-stop for the past year, and in the new year, she hopes to improve in both her music and films. After releasing her 4th album, she plans to hold a concert: “Currently, I’ve saved up around 40 songs, and I really hope that the day will come (that she can hold a concert). Actually, you really need lots of guts to sing on stage. I remember spending the first four years of my showbiz career filming non-stop, and didn’t have any opportunities to go on stage. And one year when I did, it felt really weird. Why was I so afraid? Because I hadn’t tried it before, and back then, I was shivering as I sang!”

Linda Chung wishes to act as the antagonist, even if that means chopping off her long locks that she has had for many years.

Linda jokingly acknowledged that she is a workaholic, and wants to make full use of her youth to work as hard as she can. She said: “After that, I’ll find someone and get married. (When?) Initially I wanted to take things as they came, but I want to have 3 children, and I’m already 28 now, so when I’m 32 I guess! (4 years will pass really quickly!) Well it’s still a plan! My way of thinking changes every year, and the person I am today has really changed from the person I was two years ago. I might even be married in two years time.” In the past, Linda mentioned about her intention to buy a house, but now what she really wants is to “buy” health and sleep: “With so many weird illnesses going around these days, you really don’t know what will happen tomorrow. I wish for my parents to be in good health, and for my dad to retire and let me support him. He always talks about wanting to be my chauffeur, so that he’d be able to see me every day – he told me to give him two more years. (until he retires)

Linda would really want to hold her very own concert.

Source: http://www.ihktv.com/linda-chung-new-year-wish-concert.html
Translated by Audrey@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

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