[News] Linda Chung to be Someone's Wife in 4 Years & Have 3 Kids

TVB FaDan Linda Chung had been working nonstop last year (2012), in the new year she hopes to have even better achievements in both acting and singing. She just released her fourth album and hopes she'll have the opportunity to hold her very own concert. She said: "I already saved up 40 songs, really hope for this day. Actually to me, singing on stage is consider a very brave thing. I remember the first 4 years when I first debuted, I was just filming series and didn't get the chance to do stage performances. One year when I had to perform on stage, I had a strange feeling, why was I so afraid? Because I never had the experience before. That time, I really was shaking as I was singing on stage!"

Linda laughed and said she's a workaholic. She has to make use of the time she's still young and actively work, "Then I will just find my other half and marry off. (When?) Initially I wanted to let nature take its course, but I want to have 3 babies, I'm 28 now, so when I'm 32! (You still have 4 years left, time goes by fast!) It's just a plan! My ideas changes every year. I changed a lot since two years ago, perhaps two years later, I really will get married." In the past, Linda said she wanted to buy a home, but now her greatest wish is to 'buy' good health and a good sleep. She said: "There are so many strange illnesses now, we don't know what will happen tomorrow. I wish my parents good health, I want my Dad to retire and let us take care of him. He's always saying he wants to be my driver, so he can see me all the time and asked me to give him two more years."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/