[Magazine] Linda Chung Like Guys Who Can Cook

With little cooking experience, Linda Chung will be sharing her experiences of when she first cooked for her boyfriend with Mak Ling Ling (麦玲玲) and Michael. During this, Linda revealed that she like guys who can cook. So if there are any guys out there who're wishing to pursue Linda, remember that!

L: Mak Ling Ling
M: Michael
C: Linda Chung

M:   It is such a nerve-wrecking day because I'm dining with goddess, Linda.  Have to be extra attentive to the girl known to everyone as "Linda BB"!

L:  Honestly, where did that name come from?

C:  It came from a reporter's article, "Linda BB please don't cry!", referring to the scene where I found out that Moses Chan's character cheated on me in Yes Sir Sorry Sir.  Starting from then, people have been calling me by this nickname.  Calling me by BB?!  I am grown up already and so I was not very use to it at first.  But after awhile...the name began to feel close.  Even my parents who use to call me "baby girl" (because I am the youngest), now calls me BB!

L:  Your parents calls you that?  So you're the baby girl.  Don't often cook?

C:  I can cook a few simple soup because living alone in Hong Kong, they're especially important to me to have after working for long hours and eating unhealthy food.  When I was young, I often helped my mom prepare the food to cook but when she started cooking, she'd tell me to go do my homework.  That is why I never paid too much attention to cooking.  But I really want to learn how to because everybody around me can.

L:  Have you ever cooked for your boyfriend?

C:  Yes.  I baked a cake for my boyfriend when I was at 18 because I wanted to surprise him.  Unfortunately it failed.  Tasted very bad!  I have also prepared a gathering meal.  For that I made soup, bought a roasted chicken from the shop, stir fried some vegetables and even steamed a fish, which I overcooked.  Then I also bought a cake.  Out of the 5 dishes, only 2 were good.  That is why I really want to learn how to cook.  Need to make some good looking dishes.

L:  You just haven't try with all your potential yet!  What dish do you want to make the most?

C:  I want to learn how to cook Chinese dishes.  One time a friend of mine cooked for 6 people.  The table was full of food!  Very cool!  Really admirable!  I like guys who can cook.  Any guy who can cook, I'll give him more points!

L:  Learning to cook is very time consuming and you're so busy.  Just preparing 3 meals for yourself per day is already not easy!

C:  That is true.  Filming already takes up alot of time so I also want to go out and eat more.  At tvb though, there's only the cafeteria.  Then there are times when I go out to eat with the others but I'd feel very out because they'd talk about which year the wine is or how the dish is suppose to be eaten...I would not have any idea.  That is why alot of people feel comfortable eating with me.  I can eat anything.

M:  Doing many interviews with alot of female artistes, all of them love to eat very much.  They eat alot but at the same time remains fit.  It is just so unexpected.

C:  Usually the thinner they are the more they eat!  I often forget to eat while working but whenever there's a break, I'd eat non-stop.  I like to eat steak, starchy foods and cheese....Before going to sleep, I have to eat or else I'll feel uncomfortable.

L:  Eating before sleeping?  You mean snacks?  Junk food is is my greatest enemy.  Even when I'm trying to loose weight, I'd have to eat chips to make me feel at ease.

C:  Not necessarily snacks because I eat everything.  For example cheesecake, chocolate, dumplings, fried rice, stir fried beef and cereal.   Also, I would drink milk and eat chocolate cake every night.  If there is no milk in the fridge, I'd get very scared.

M:  You eat so much but don't gain weight?

C:  Actually my body's inherited from my parents, who're thin but have a belly.  That is why I have to a bit more careful because I noticed that I'm starting to have a belly too.

L:  It's understandable since you've got so much pressure with work.  Eating is way for consolation.

C:  That's right.  It's hard to eat a proper meal when filming.  So when there's more time, would take advantage of it and go to my favourite restaurant.  That is already so great.

L:  Which restaurant is your favourite?

C:  The majority of the restaurants I go to either gives me the feeling of being in Canada or just simply for convenience.  As long as the food is not bad then it's ok.  For example there's Dan Ryan's that I'd often go to with my close friends or the Japanese restaurant, Takka, in Sai Kung.  There's also the steak restaurant in Kowloon.  I really like the burger there!  Really like beef!

Linda Chung honestly said that her cooking skills are only average and are just "basic living skills" because back in school at Vancouver, her teacher mainly taught her how to make sweet dishes. For the last few years, she've only cooked a fish dish around 3 times because when she's cleaning a fish and looking at it die, she'd get scared and say, "Don't come over here!" It is absolutely hilarious!

On a typical day Linda Chung likes to drink juice, especially strawberry juice. She explained that the doctors says it's very good for women! Besides that, she also drinks apple juice with honey, which is good for the voice. Then when it comes to maintaining good health, Linda recommends chia seeds. She would drink it with water 2-3 times a week because it's good for digestion, skin and spirit.

Linda Chung is sensitive (somewhat allergic) to shellfish like shrimp and crabs but in order to eat the food, she did not care. Back then, her whole body would get rashes from eating them but now it only happens to some area. That is why she could care less and is even eating them more frequently than before.

Original source in viet (translated by LA) credits: Dienanh.net
English Translation by lynne@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com/

Thoughts:  Translation is fun but terribly time consuming :P  So kudos to our translators!

Haha I felt more at ease while translating this since I found a better way to tackle it...unlike before when I wasn't so use to translating Viet to English.  But I still got stuck here and there, especially when it came to the names of the dishes and such.  So expect errors xD  Just hope the overall message is good enough :)

Oh while translating, I had no idea what "Linda BB" meant!  The nickname was so unfamiliar but yah....so BB means "baby" right?  lols


  1. Lynne, LindaBB does mean "Linda Baby" because in Cantonese you pronounce baby as "BB" so I guess that's how the reporter got that name.

  2. so among her male close friends, her "brother" steven ma will get plus point becoz he can really cook, what about others? can they cook?

  3. @Wendy: haha thanks for clearing that up x) It's actually quite a cute nickname!

    @Anonymous: haha not sure who knows how to cook and who can't.