[News] Linda Chung Dances off the Cold

The cold tends to revel people’s EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Waiting for their mom and sister, Linda Chung and Edwin Siu are great examples. Earlier this week the weather was about 9 degrees and they were wearing thin layered costumes to film “Big Wheel” at a harbor in Central, Hong Kong.

Linda BB was really smart. The moment she got out of the car she put on a jacket and unless they rolled the camera, she would not take it off. But the wind at the harbor was crazy, even a jacket can’t necessarily keep them warm. Linda BB wanted to stretch and she started to jump around to keep warm. Edwin was a bit careless; he didn’t bring his jacket and just left it in the car. Seeing Linda BB doing the exercises to keep warm, he just stood by a pole being a “Chu Nam” (Literal meaning pole man). Being so out of it of course you won’t be warm enough. Finally the camera was rolling; Edwin could not handle the crazy winds and had to stand near Linda BB to block them. If you knew this was going to happen, why did you have to act cool and stand by the pole?

Ah! Don’t actually think I’m a baby! (Made up dialog)
Master! Please spare my life! (Made up dialog)
Aha! This superb dragon claw isn’t funny at all!
Even a man, Edwin, had to hide in a corner! Good job Linda BB.

Central martial artist!
Linda Chung took off her jacket, had both hands in a fist, loosing up her hands and started her routine! Edwin doesn’t even bother, just stood to a side and attempted to stay warm.

Siu “Chu Nam” (Literal meaning Siu pole man)

Wow, look at Linda BB’s arm lifting movement, it shouldn’t be just for stretching? Don’t know if a bunch of male fans will like it or not?

After dancing the energy is still up and flowing, need to throw some punches? Wow, very good positioning. Looks like martial artist, Philip Ng, did teach his girlfriend some martial arts.

After exercising a bit, Linda had to get her stuff together to change her filming place. When she bent down, her thigh was revealed! Well, all the single men are going to have nose bleeds once again.

Changed the location and not worrying to much about Edwin, all he is doing is clenching together. Help yourself and go to the “High Skilled” Linda BB to learn some stuff!

Source: ihktv.com
Translation by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.com/