[Upcoming Event] TVB Golden Viva Spectacular in SEOUL

Linda Chung, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng will be attending an event ("TVB Golden Viva Spectacular") in Seoul on the 30th of January!!!  WHAT!?  This is awesome!!  According to TVB Korea, it's going to be a free performance (any fans from Korea? OTL) but it will not be broadcasted live.

This is so awesome :3 Hehe maybe just another Chinese New Years event, but it's in SEOUL!!! Can this get any awesomer??!!? Hehe I am excited :P I am also a big fan of k-pop...so this is just too great! lols

Unfortunately there aren't so many info yet. Any one here knows korean? ^^;;;

Also kind of curious...TVB Korea. So are tvb series there korean dubbed? ^^;