[Pics] Love Love Love Happiness Autograph Session

Linda's hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! So lovely ;D


  1. Sooooooo cute !!BTW I'm not paying attention to it(the accessories ..)Does it look ..cheap, sorry Linda!!My thoughts.. Vocals training ,Breathing exercises,Voice lessons and know dance a bit...to make sure you have enough time... Beside that Linda needs see more live show, concerts... to learning experience... how to get over stage fright fear..to be perfect! Linda needs more time !! will always support!!Don't you think?


  2. Haha I just felt that the 3 necklaces felt unnecessary, especially the spikey one o.O And yes, I do agree on the fact that she needs more time to prep...especially since it's her first concert too :) I do not hope that she'd do too much dancing though, cause it'll be normal for her to focus on the dance moves (being her first kinda thing) and might forget to control her singing. lols if that makes any sense ^^;;;

    But technically, if she doesn't film and starts practicing...she got half a year till August, so that's alot of time to practice. Being her first concert, I do hope that practice/rehearsals can take place soon and disperse it throughout a long period of time.....don't squish all of it into the 3 months until it starts. Need time to adjust onto stage.

    Speaking of concerts, I Feel bad for Lam Fung, having a concert almost every year (good money but...just soooooo busy). He needs rest...gotta stop working so hard Q.Q Reminds me of how Linda started out by continuously working series after series before. So I'm very happy that she've been taking her vacas these last few years. Same applies to Lam Fung...do you know if he take vacas or something? lols not up to date with his news...but I worry for him xD

    that totally strayed off topic :P