[News] JSG Best Ten Music Awards Presentation 2012

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Top 10 Gold Songs
01. GEM - What Have U Done
02. Alfred Hui - Grow Up Once Again (重新長大)
03. Charlene Choi - Until Death Do Us Part (白頭到老)
04. Raymond Lam - Done Being Naive (幼稚完)
05. Siu Fay - A Song (一首歌)
06. Joey Yung - Wallpaper (牆紙)
07. Linda Chung - Vaccination (預防針)
08. Mag Lam - Tree Vine (樹藤)
09. Jade Kwan - Fall Out of Love Theory (失戀哲理)
10. Ivana Wong - Leave Blank (留白)

Behind-the-Scene Awards:
Best Composer: CW Tang (Tang Chi Wai) - Done Being Naive (幼稚完)
Best Lyricist: Lin Xi (Lam Jik) - Stubborn Stone (頑石)
Best Arrangement: Keith Chan - Goodbye My Lovers (告別我的戀人們)
Best Song Producer: Johnny Yim - Vaccination (預防針)

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net


  1. Lynne , finally !!Did You watch this show ( Linda part...)she usually turns out pretty well and good performance for live show but this time a bit nervous ,may be so exciting for the first time (Top 10 Gold Songs)It's not an easy road ...Happy for her....

  2. Yes I agree that Linda sounded abit trembly when she was singing :) hehe it was cute how she kept on saying thank you to everyone x)