Witness Insecurity Episode 7

Before starting to talk about Witness Insecurity, let's talk about something I hate. Ads. All those ads you have to see before the actual video starts running. -.-

Anyways...episode 7 of Witness Insecurity starts of with the concert! As you can see from the picture, there are alot of people. Don't you feel sorry for the WPU team for having to guard everything? Anyways, one of the invited guest is a very famous classical musician (she's the girl with the blonde hair), that lots of people are asking to take pictures with. Why am I mentioning her? She's quite important later on....

Sitting in the resting room to see the others perform, Ji Lam (Linda Chung) was getting very nervous seeing them. When they got back in...surprise, Ji Lam came over to compliment their performance. This is a big deal! Even though it's just a simple comment, it came from Ji Lam, whom barely spoke to them before. Ji Lam is really beginning to open herself :) It's also very sweet how they comforted her (she was really nervous) before the show too.

It's time for Ji Lam's time to shine! The music was beautiful :) All her family members were so proud of her. It's actually a very heart-warming scene. When she was finished, everybody was clapping including Hui Sir. OMG!! It's so cute how they looked at each other :)

As everyone claps, the famous musician (the one I talked about before) went on stage with bouquet of flowers to give to Ji Lam. What I forgot to mention before is that the "actual" famous musician was knocked unconscious before, and an assassin took her identity. So when she got close to Ji Lam, she suddenly pulled out a gun. Luckily Ji Lam held her cello up in time to reflect (bad choice of word...but my brain can't think of another one at the moment) the bullet's aim and so it did not hit her internal organs. Maybe Ji Lam remember what Hui Sir (Bosco Wong) said before about cellos being able to block bullets :P

In the chaos, Hui Sir picked up Ji Lam and ran for the exit. This scene is totally worth fangirling over....it was so sweet! The theme music played in the background made it even more touching. Despite everything, Hui Sir just charged ahead with Ji Lam in his arms and using his body to shield her....haha Gong San (Paul Chun) and Gong He (Ram Tseung) were also behind them but soon ran out of breath from all the running :) Bosco is so cool in here!! I love him so much!!

Aside from that though, why were there so many doors to go through in the first place? There were like 5 doors...that is one big building.

Thank goodness Ji Lam is alright, but Gong San is still enraged. He's definitely going to get back at the Hung brothers...They promised that everything was over, but it was only part of their plan. They only wanted to lower Gong San's awareness so that they could have a better chance of killing Ji Lam. Everything was apparently planned before hand, even the concert.

Ji Lam is then release from the hospital. Haha it is so sweet seeing how everybody treated her like a princess (well...they already do that), caring for her so much. Like usual, of course Gong He would crack a few jokes here and there but Ji Lam laughed, her wound would hurt. So then Gong San ordered him to stop making jokes haha. Gong San then told her that they would get the cello fixed but Ji Lam didn't want to because it meant replacing a part of the cello. Ji Lam then found out that Hui Sir hurt his shoulder blade when he charged her through the doors. She got really worried :(

After this Ji Lam had another meeting with her doctor (Queenie Chung) to see there are any changes after event. Oddly, there is no signs of emotional stress after such an event, but there was something on her mind....one can guess it's about Hui Sir's injury.

Ji Lam then decided to go find Hui Sir, but the WPU team said is was taking the day of due to his injury. Luckily at that moment, he called in to see how the WPU team is doing and so Ji Lam got the chance to speak to him on the phone. Haha so cute...you could see that Ji Lam is very concern but she was also very nervous speaking to him on the phone. After the phone call, Ji Lam relaxed again and played smoothly on her cello.

It surprises me that Ji Lam did not get scared from the gun shot...maybe it's because Hui Sir was there to protect her?

To get back at the Hung brothers, Gong San hired three professional code breakers from Bangalore to hack the Hung's computer system. You can say that Gong San is good but also bad in some ways. He really wanted to make peace with the Hung Brothers but in the end, they crossed his line and therefor he took things into his own hands.

Hacking the Hung's account is something that Gong San did not tell Gong He. Gong He knew that he's hiding something from him, so he tried to get his brother to talk. They ended up arguing and guess who shows up? Ji Lam entered the room. Haha she was so cute! She knew that they were arguing so wanted to stop them...using her super powers! lols Ji Lam asked them if they're arguing, of course they did not admit it. They told her that they were only having a discussion. So then Ji Lam sat down in her dad's chair and told them just to carry on with their discussion. Haha she knew that they would not argue in front of her! Her victory smile in the end was so CUTE!!

I'm quite jealous of Ji Lam for having Gong San and Gong He beside her. They're always there to back her up and to care for her. To both of them, I believe that nothing is more important than Ji Lam :)

The next day, Ji Lam was picking up the plants that got knocked down by the wind. Haha Hui Sir came buy and she kept on stealing glances at him. While pulling back her hair, she smudged some dirt onto her face without noticing...haha so cute!! She kept on looking at Hui Sir, hoping that he'd notice her...and all he notices is the smudge on her face. He was about to tell her when Gong He came in, who then told her about the smudge. Hui Sir smiled as she scattered of. LOLS!! His smile was so CUTE!!! I kept on replaying it :D Haha such a winning smile :) Then there is Ji Lam who was so cute and shy!

Gong San then told Hui Sir that Ji Lam filmed a commercial when she was small. That night, Hui Sir went to search it up...SO CUTE!!! The commercial was adorable, Hui Sir can't stop smiling :)

After the hackers hacked into the Hung account and got all the info, it still wasn't enough to get the government to hunt them down. So in the end, Gong San decided to make a fake account to transfer $800, 000, 000 into their account in order to raise their priority to the government. Wow...that is ALOT of money! Anybody who goes against Gong San is definitely in trouble :P In the end, the Hung brothers were hunted down by the government and dismantled. Both of the brothers were shot dead, while the third one still remains in jail to be trialed (about Gong He's shooting). Now the trial is the only thing they need to worry about.