Witness Insecurity as Mooncake Commercial [END]

Jojo: Cousin, I’ve made a date with some friends to appreciate the moon earlier
at Sai Kung, and I left some mooncake vouchers behind – hurry and bring them
over for me!

Hui-Sir: You’re so forgetful!

Jojo: Thank you, Cousin!

Hayley: Hui Sir.

Hui-Sir: Hi! You’re here to stargaze too?

Jojo: Nah, she came to meet you here! Thank goodness you’re here, if not I’d only be able to appreciate the moon with my friends tonight, and wouldn’t be able to eat what I can only get once a year – snowskin mooncakes! Durian’s the king of fruits, it’s high in nutrients and helps the digestive system! I’ve also heard of the green tea flavored mooncakes with antioxidant properties – it’s perfect for modern city-dwellers who are always anxious and on the go! Cousin, you’re so busy, I won’t hold you up anymore, have fun!

Hui-Sir: Hold on tight to my waist, it’ll be safer. Relax! Sit tight!

Jojo: Seeing that my cousin and Hayley finally reuniting in a happy ending, I’m
really happy for them! And I hope everyone will have a happy time of reunion
this mid-autumn festival!

Source: tvbchannel
Translated by Audrey@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

IF only this was the true ending for Witness Insecurity :P  Anyways, this is the last commercial with Linda in it......well...beside one more that I can't seem to find the link too!  If anybody have the link though, please send it to me!  (it's the one where Linda is in the hospital and her uncle phoned her. thanks!)

Hope you guys have all enjoyed these commercials!!  HEhe Mid-Autumn coming soon....so go buy some mooncakes! :P  hehe.


  1. Is this commercial real or made up?

  2. Real or made up? You mean if this is official or not? I believe it is since the "replacements" are acted out by tvb actors and it was uploaded onto tvb channel. Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, so I think tvb is just using the popularity of Witness Insecurity to promote the sales of mooncakes :D