Linda's Weibo Updates - Jan 2013 (21st onwards)

Haha I didn't update the ones before the 21st because I'm lazy :P  Also, feel free to correct the translations  ^^:;;;  

I translated these weibo messages from the Viet trans by LA@

January 21, 2013

Linda: I Love you babies, you make me feel alrite, I need you babies...

Linda: 是的, 还在通宵 然后再接外景厂戏!! ! 我要继续加油 :)
Still filming at night *screams* Afterwards will be shooting outdoors!!! Must keep it up :)

Linda: 早安 你们今天睡得好吗? 睡了几个钟?
Good morning Did everybody have a good sleep? How many hours of sleep did you guys get?

January 22, 2013

Linda: Ummmm.... 你想点呀?
Ummmm.... what is it/what do you want?

January 23, 2013

Linda: 你们最喜欢看我那一套电视剧呀?他们喜欢溏心风暴
Which series of mine do you guys like to watch? They like Heart of Greed

January 25, 2013

Linda: 拍广告中! 跟我很爱,合作了很多年的护肤品Bioessence拍新的平面照。 大家快快去用吧 :)
Shooting an ad! Taking photos for the skincare product, Bioessence, who I have worked with for many years. You guys should try it out :)

January 26, 2013

Linda: 有饭吃是最幸福的事:) hehe: ) thanx @@GreenCheung for the pic
Having a meal is the most blissful thing :) hehe :) thanx @@GreenCheung for the pic

Linda: Plz 停雨。 我们还有一场戏
Plz stop raining. We still have one more scene to film

January 27, 2013

Linda: smilesmilesmile: it's the best remedy for everything

Linda: 我今天收到我小時候的白馬王子的專輯,裡面有一百零一首情歌,令我懷緬白馬王子來臨的心情。sweetsweetsweet
Received a cd of my childhood prince charming today, there are 101 love songs in there, reminds me of the feeling when prince charming was about to come sweetsweetsweet

Linda: 时间飞逝! 但是很多开心的回忆在心中 :) 怀念巨轮! 卓静, 阿信, 阿英, 天生再见!
Time just flies by! But it left alot of happy memories :) Remember 巨轮 [Brother's Keeper]! 卓静, 阿信, 阿英, goodbye!

January 28, 2013

Linda: Happy together!!!!!!!!!

Linda: Crazy yummy!


  1. Linda: Ummmm.... 你想点呀?

    Linda: Ummmm.... what is it/what do you want?

  2. thanks anonymous :D I just changed it ;)