[News] Eliza Sam Stops the Sweets, Works Out Muscles to be a Fit SDU

Linda Chung, Rebecca Zhu (Morning Zhu), Eliza Sam (Heung Heung) and William So attended Landmark North shopping mall's event Star-Studded Welcoming 2013 in Sheung Shui. Rebecca and Heung Heung were in low-cut dresses playing games with the audience, but Heung Heung appeared a bit unnatural. She later expressed she did take safety measures, but earlier she ate too much back home in Canada. Heung Heung's New Years resolution is to eat less sweets . She's currently shooting a new series, Sniper Attack 2013, where she plays a SDU officer, she said: "I have to keep fit and work out some muscles, so I force myself to go jogging every day. (Compare to Christine Kuo as SDU?) I never thought of comparing, our roles are different."

When speaking of Ruco Chan carrying Linda and running while shooting for an explosion scene earlier? Linda frankly expressed she was a little frightened: "I'm afraid I'm too heavy, but Ruco gave me a sense of security, so I was fine. He said I'm only 90 pounds, lighter than the stunts double, but they are all men." As a workaholic, Linda hopes this year she'll learn to balance between personal life and work.

The MC used Morning Zhu and Kenneth Ma's rumors as a joke, she laughed and said she's used to it: "My colleagues are always joking with me now, 'Morning Zhu, Kenneth isn't here?'. I'm happy to have a new nickname. (Any chance to develop further?) No, we're friends. He's a good guy, very attentive. If we have fate, then see if there is a chance in the future." Asked of her New Years resolution? Morning Zhu wants to forget the bitter and unhappy past, she said: "I hope I can rely on myself to earn money and support myself. (You can find someone to take care of you?) That early? I'm still young. Can't force these things."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

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  1. I think Eliza is more beautiful and attractive especially her feminine facial features, more versatile and demonstrates more potential than Linda. The latter does not know how to act after nine years with TVB. So TVB should really consider reshuffling their female actress portfolio and give more chances to Eliza.