Witness Insecurity as Mooncakes Commercial - 01

Doctor: Ji Lam, you wanted to meet me all of a sudden, what's the matter?

Linda: Actually, I have something to ask you, ever since the members of WPU left, my heart has felt uneasy, my mind keeps thinking of this particular person.

Doctor: hmm..this type of emotion is called "tranference".

Linda: Transference?

Doctor: Definitely, I'll give you a simple example to demonstrate:

If someone offered you a snow-skin mooncake as a treat...you will not realize that you have placed a sense of emotion onto the person who had offered you the treat.  Similarly, an example involving me would be that I like drinking caramelized coffee and eating sesame paste. When choosing flavors of snow-skin mooncakes, I would also choose caramelized coffee and black sesame flavors.  In fact, transference occurs daily in our lives, its normal.

Linda: Are you sure?

Doctor: Yes.

Source: tvbchannel
Translation by Jwan@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/

Thoughts:  A new translator, Jwan, have just joined our crew!  So please welcome Jwan! haha.

As for the clips, there will be more coming (currently in the midst of translation)!  Hehe I hope you guys will enjoy the clips!  They're so funny....using Witness Insecurity to promote mooncakes :P  My favourite is the one of Gong He consoling Ji Lam while she's crying....will post it up soon!

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