[News] Charmaine Sheh's Views on Her Five Successors

"After my departure, who will be the successor of number one sister? Wow! How can I dare to accept this? We are all equal! From what I can see, a popular fa dan most importantly must be able to be in ancient and in modern. There are a few who are very good. Tavia Yeung can be both good and evil, and can also be in ancient and in modern. Fala Chen has much affinity with the audience; she is already ahead. Although I never worked with Kate Tsui before, but know that that she is a very clever girl, and is also very diverse. Linda Chung is the humble beauty type...gives a positive feeling in every aspect, and also much affinity with the audience. Myolie Wu is extremely hardworking...continually upgrading herself and striving for change. He he...they all have their strengths. It's a tight race. I also want to know who will come out on top!"

Credits hyn@http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/