[News] The JSG Selections 2011 Round 1

In the 33 songs that were made it in round one, 14 of them won awards:

C AllStar - Space Elevator (天梯)
Edmond Leung - Center (中鋒)
Joey Yung - Surge (澎湃)
Gillian Chung - Put Down the Past (放低過去)
Charlene Choi - Year After Year (年年)
Sherman Chung - Take It
Vincy Chan - Who Will Love Me (有誰有愛我)
Joyce Cheng - Half Happiness (半份關心)
Alfred Hui - Leaving (出走)
Ivana Wong - The Best... (最好的…)
Linda Chung - If You Want Me
Andy Hui - Always In Love (一直相愛)
Chilam Cheung - Love You Like Crazy (冧爆你)
Aarif Lee - Speedy Comparsion (速度對比)

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU