[News] Linda Chung & Rose Chan said to look alike, encounters for first time

Raymond Lam's two rumored girlfriends Linda Chung and Rose Chan were said to have similar looks. Yesterday the two encounter one another at beauty salon opening ceremony. It was seen that Linda and Rose were very generous on stage and chatted happily. Linda laughed: "I haven't seen Rose before, but I know people say she looks like me. I don't really feel so though, most important is that I personally have my own feeling. (She's also rumored with Raymond Lam?) Just a coincidence, and I want to talk to her. I feel she's a very sweet and tall girl."

When speaking of not having to appear sexy for the beauty salon endorsement, Linda said: "Because the boss loves me very much, it's not my own request. Actually the boss feels that I have a healthy image. (Will the next season Ads be in a bikini?) The most important is healthy results, doesn't matter if its bikini. I lived in Canada before and is considered a Western girl, so the outcome results are pretty, I don't mind. (Will you it be money-based?) My manager decides that, I don't understand these things, I am just responsible for bringing myself out."

Roses also felt she doesn't look like Linda. She said: "People have always said that, but I personally don't think so. (Does Raymond think so?) You have to ask him, I don't keep in touch with him. However, I really admire Linda, before I watched her performance as Seung Joi Sum (Heart of Greed), her acting was so real, she cried beautifully. I have to watch more of her work. (Feel awkward being at the same event?) No, not awkward with anyone."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/