[News] Linda Chung asks good friends to give her the courage in dancing for new song

Since Linda Chung entered the music industry, she focused on slow love songs, but this time in her new song Too Busy to Look For You (得閑找你), she makes a breakthrough. This is the first time she's performing hot dancing and singing. Linda asked her good friends Leanne Li and Grace Wong to accompany her and give her the 'courage'. Early May, Linda and her friends will start shooting the MV for the new song, so the girls are actively rehearsing.

The song Too Busy to Look For You is about girls today, just wanting to be with their group of friends. Even if they don't have a love life, they can still live happily. When Linda first heard this song, she automatically thought of good friends Leanne Li and Grace Wong. She said: "It's not because they are big women, just that the song is medium fast, I know that Leanne and Grace loves to dance, so if the song can add their dances, then it will definitely be interesting."

With that said, Linda suggested the idea to her company and got immediate approval. "I deeply believe that friendship is about mutual assistance. Just one phone call to Leanne and Grace, they instantly agreed to voluntarily help me. Perhaps because we are Christians, so we never mentioned money, I'm really grateful for their help."

No fear of comparison

Linda reveals that she knows Leanne and Grace for many years, but they never had a true collaboration, this is the first time.

"In fact, to me dancing is quite tiring, especially when you have to sing and dance. It is truly a huge challenge. Luckily, I have two good friends by my side to help me get through it. Now that my company made arrangements for them to shoot the MV with me, I really do hope the next time I dance again, we can do it together."

That day during rehearsal, the two girls with a dance background, Leanne and Grace, did well on the dance routine. On the contrary, as the lead singer, Linda was rather forgetful, often forgetting her steps. She said: "Turns out that remembering dance steps is harder than memorizing lines or lyrics." Linda was asked if she's worry that her dancing might get compared? "No, friends do not mind. Also, I'm not a professional dancer, we should not use a professional eye to watch me dance."

Friends mutual support

Leanne and Grace both have a dance background, towards this volunteer dance, they both expressed for a friend they do not mind. Started dancing at age 9, Grace knows over 20 types of dance steps: "I want to thank Linda for asking me to help her, this is my first time shooting a dance MV. As a friend, it cannot be because I'm a 'dance queen' (Strictly Come Dancing winner) that I can't be a backup. When it comes to dancing, I may be able to help her, but in acting she will have to help me." As for Leanne, she expressed that friends will not talk about money. She felt that when the three of them worked together, it's a hot scene: "Dancing is one of my interests, so I did not think rehearsal was difficult at all. I hope in the future, I will have the opportunity like Linda to sing and dance. (For the dance rehearsal, less time to spend with boyfriend Wong Cho Lam?) My boyfriend needs to shoot series, he has no time to spend with me!"

Source: Mingpao Weekly Issue#2216 [Credit: TVBChannel]
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/