[News] The Moses Chan 'deal' 50% off

Moses Chan (Ah Mo), Tavia Yeung, Queenie Chu and Cilla Kung attended the Yes Sir, Sorry Sir celebration party. Getting praised by Netizens, 'Miss Koo' Linda Chung was absent due to work, but shares the good news with audience through a recorded video. The other night, Tavia suddenly had a fever, but didn't want to interrupt the filming progress to TVB new series Return to the Three Kingdoms, so she did not take a day off.

Skilled at brewing coffee, Ah Mo spent a few hours roasting coffee beans. Holding onto two pots of coffee, Ah Mo arrived late but treated everyone at the party. When he was performing coffee pouring, he carelessly splashed hot coffee on Tavia, making her squirm loudly. He said: "I grounded the coffee beans myself and brew many times. Too bad I didn't have enough time, otherwise I could even make dessert on the side." Ah Mo did not honor the promise of appearing in swim trunks for high ratings, he joked that he already prepared for his partner. However, audience did not by into that.

As to audience feeling that Ah Mo and Linda should end up as the pair, he said it's necessary for the storyline: "The other day when I was on the elevator, I bumped into a couple, they had a different opinion. It's pretty funny, but I'm happy, proves that audience are into the series. It's a good thing that audience think of me as a bad guy, but didn't damage my image. (Still a 'good deal'?) I hope to be half."

Producer Lau Ka Ho was satisfied with the TV ratings and has intentions to start a new series focusing on the popular K4. Some audience complained that Ron Ng had too little police screen time. He felt it's not about how much screen time, but rather if the role stands out or not. He also supports Linda for TV Queen, but everything is too early to say.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/