[Official Drama Page] Yue Fu's Hidden Dragon

- 30 episodes long.
- This ancient comedy will revolve around Tang Dynasty dancers.
- Bobby Au Yeung will play a musician, a character who is similar to Mozart. He was originally the foreman of an acrobatic class. He later becomes a phony government official, as he overtakes Evergreen Mak's position and becomes the foreman of a music bureau. He will have a romantic storyline with Linda Chung and Myolie Wu.
- Myolie will play Li Joi San, a dancing girl. When she initially appears, she is a tomboy; however, her female identity is later uncovered by Linda. She is a fallen princess. Her mother was a palace maid who excelled in dance. Although she did not study dance when she was young, she has a lot of natural talent. Her mother hopes that she is able to use dance to reunite with her biological father.
- Linda will play Bin Yuk Yin (卞玉嫣), the chief dancing girl who excels in dance. She is ambitious, very confident, and rather arrogant. She and Myolie will go from being good friends to enemies, and then become good sisters.
- Evergreen Mak will play a refined musician. He is the ancient version of Mozart, so he has an understanding of every instrument.
- There will be a love square among Linda, Myolie, Bobby, and Evergreen.

- Sire Ma will play Kuk Yuen Yuen (曲圓圓), a very pure and dependent girl who likes to dance. She is very dependent on her elder sister.
- Yoyo Chen will play Kuk Wan Wan (曲彎彎), Sire's strong and independent elder sister who also likes to dance. Later, there is some conflict between the sisters that causes them to turn against each other.
- Angela Tong will play Chu Lam Mui, a strict dance director.
- Oscar Leung will play Linda's elder brother who is rather laid-back.
He is Yoyo's boyfriend.
- William Chak will play an image consultant. His family consists only of females, so he has a desire for beautiful things.
- Grace Wong will play a rather happy girl who likes to dance and has a great appetite.
- KK Cheung will play a eunuch who likes to collect embroidery shoes. He is the music bureau's supervisor. He is the emperor's music teacher and a favourite of the empress dowager. He will also plot with the empress. He appears to be a good person, but he is actually a villain.
- Jess Sum will play a dance director who is very villainous. Her trump care is JJ.
- JJ Jia will play a very bad person who harms Linda, deceives William in romantic affairs, and steals Sire's boyfriend.
- Stephen Wong will play an inventor.
- Kwok Fung will play the father of Bobby, Grace, Stephen, and Kelvin Leung.
- Ha Ping will play a character with Alzheimer's disease.
- Ching Ho Wai will play a jealous empress.
- Mannor Chan will play Bobby's subordinate who takes care of everything in the music bureau.

Thoughts: Quite interesting how the series revolve around dancing and like how I mentioned in the previous post, both the dancing and the drawing on the ladies forehead reminds me of the Legend of Lady Yang. Only surprise....Evergreen Mak is involved in the love triangle o.O