[Clip] Linda Chung Discusses Miss Koo @ "Scoop" Clip


Linda Chung:
"Now, I don't even want to drink coffee".

Joe Yau: "Okay, Miss Koo. Not drinking coffee, then not drinking coffee. Coffee Mo has already gone from being the entire city's 'Good Property' to being hunted down by the entire city. However, Miss Koo, will you forgive Law Sir?"

Linda Chung: "Actually.... Can now smile again! Actually.... Will or not? Because [Lau] Ka Ho told us to seal our lips, can't say it".

Joe Yau: "The ratings of the series 'Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!' are very good, peaking at 34 points. The night before, once Miss Koo cried, the cries shocked the entire city".

Joe Yau: "These cries.... Cried until it caused Linda to leap to number one on TVB's popularity chart.... Cried until netizens bombarded the forums with praise.... Cried until the entire city wants to beat Moses Chan up.... Linda was also shocked".

Linda Chung: "Actually, it represents success for an actor. The unhappy thing is that everyone is criticizing Moses Chan, but happy that everyone is so immersed to the the point of criticizing Law Sir. Thus, hope that everyone.... Do not get angry at Moses; rather, it is Law Sir because it's just acting. No need for everyone to be so serious".

Joe Yau: "When viewers were yelling at Moses, they were also praising you for really doing very well this time".

Linda Chung: "I never experienced that before. Actually, after Seung Joi Sam, I was also thinking whether I would be lucky enough to encounter explosive role again. I thought that I may, in these few years, take it slowly...not think about too much. However, suddenly, Miss Koo exploded. Very shocking because I saw that all the first pages of the newspapers were talking about Miss Koo...something along the lines of 'shock'.... It's crazy! I.... The only thing I that can do is just really thank everyone for liking this character so much and supporting Miss Koo. Actually, it is Miss Koo who has brought this luck to Linda Chung".

Joe Yau: "Since everyone likes this series so much, and viewers want to know the ending, can you reveal a little bit?"

Linda Chung: "[Lau] Ka Ho told us to seal our lips because the storyline is too enjoyable to watch, so can't say it yet, but can give some tips. A mysterious character will appear...will change Miss Koo, and will also cause Miss Koo to start to slightly recover from all the hurt that she suffered".

Translation and Clip credits to hyn@http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/