[News] Philip Ng and Linda Chung's Relationship Remains at Status Quo

As Wong Jin's movie [God of Fortune Inn] would be released in cinemas on the 23rd of June (next month), Wong Jin and Philip Ng (casted as Ying Zhao Wong) were at Tsim Sha Tsui to attend a promotional event yesterday, and gave out dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival to the residents early. Formerly, Poon Shung Shung was supposed to have a role in this movie and was scheduled to fly to Hong Kong for filming, but because she has appendicitis and required admittance into hospital for surgery, she was unable to take part. When Wong Jin was asked if he called her (via phone), he responded, "No I did not, because we contacted her only via the company, and do not have any personal contact with one another."

Recently, Linda Chung was rumoured to want to dominate the entertainment scene, and thus rumours were spread about her and Philip Ng. Yesterday, when asked about their relationship, Philip only said that it was as per normal. When asked if their relationship was stable, he said, "Anyway it is as it was before." Wong Jin, who was standing nearby, saw Philip being barracked by reporters, and instantly responded with "I recently signed a contract with him, this year he will be very busy filming movies." (So does that mean you do not allow him to date anyone?) "No." When Philip was asked if he thought his boss was okay with him dating, he changed the topic, saying "I am not stressed out because I signed a contract with Wong Jin." When Wong Jin was asked if he would look for Linda Chung to partner Philip Ng in the movie(s), Wong Jin answered, "If it is in a suitable context, I would be okay with it."

On the topic of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung facing objections when getting married, his good friend Philip Ng said when asked if he called Nicholas Tse, "We do contact each other via telephone, but we only talk about martial arts, and nothing else." (Did you find that he was acting in any way out of the ordinary?) "No."

Translated by ibellchu@lindacottage