Yes Sir, Sorry Sir Episode 8

Miss Koo finally enters in episode 8!! So....Tavia and Moses are looking for a coach to revive the school's bowling team. They were then referred to Miss Koo, who is a well known prfessional bowling coach. Haha, Miss Koo is so cool!!! She striked every bowl she made ;) I wish I can bowl like that!!

Tavia scheduled to see Miss Koo at 10:30 and was there early to meet her. Unfortunately Miss Koo just replied, "It's not 10:30 yet." Lols I thought this was funny xD So different of Linda! I love her expressionless :P

lols Tavia and Moses sat at the cafe and stared at the clock until Miss Koo came! Don't you love Linda's outfit? It look so cool on her ;)

Tavia and Moses wanted to negotiate the charge with Miss Koo but Miss Koo was really firm with her price. I love how Miss Koo only answered in one voice with a short and direct sentence. Personally, I would have such a hard time trying to talk to Miss Koo xD

If you were a student, you're probably going to get scared....but if you were me, you're probably going to be entertained by the way Miss Koo "shot down" the students xD All the kids here are trouble makers (technically only K4..) and they thought they were true champions of bowling. Sadly that is not true and Miss Koo demonstrated that. Each bowl she made got a a strike (which is so cool!!!) and at the end, the students jaws were wide open xP lols none of them made any statement and just went straight to practice. Miss Koo is scary but effective in her teaching ;) She earned the student's respect not through talking but through her actions.

Haha, when the time was up and Miss Koo was packing up, a student came up to ask a question but was turned down. Miss Koo: "Class time is over, ask next class." and she walked away ;) lols cool right? haha...