[News] Linda Chung's 'break down in tears' scene gets her up to TV Queen competition; Netizens want to 'kill' Moses Chan

All along, Linda Chung has been seen to have average acting, and could not stand firm as the first line FaDan. However, in her performance in TVB series Yes Sir, Sorry Sir as Miss Koo, her acting makes a breakthrough. The episode (27) broadcast the day before was about Linda finding out that Law Sir (Moses Chan) was an undercover. She broke down in tears when she found out the truth and smacked her handbag on the 'scum' Moses. This scene caught the attention of many Netizens, greatly praising her outstanding acting. They even supported her to challenge Charmaine Sheh in getting TV Queen this year.

The night before on discussion forums, Facebook and TVB.com, Netizens were leaving messages to boost Linda's momentum. On TVB's official website, Yes Sir got 1.1 million hits. Some Netizens expressed that after watching Miss Koo's break down in tears, even the men teared up because of her. As for Moses Chan, who has been considered the 'best deal' in the industry turned into a 'scum' because of his cheating role. Netizens crowned him as the new generation 'cheap man'. Someone even wanted to kill 'cheap man' Moses.

Yesterday Linda accepted an interview over the phone and expressed she has noticed the comments online, but she never thought the responses would be that good. Whens speaking of the crying scene, was it difficult for her? She said because she had enough time to do her homework to get into character and had Moses' lead into the character, she was successful in just two takes! Linda said that she never thought of getting TV Queen: "I really haven't thought of it, in fact I really want to get 'My Favorite Female Character' award. With the success of this role, my self-confidence really is stronger!" As she is in Malaysia for work, she probably won't be able to watch the finale with the rest of the cast. Linda felt that if everyone thinks Moses is a 'cheap man', then that proves his acting was a success.

Moses Chan says "Touch Wood"

Towards being labeled as 'cheap man' and Netizens wanting to 'kill' him, Moses said: "Choi! Touch Wood, it's just acting! In the beginning, I did discuss the role with the Producer, he said that there will be a place for me to prove that my cheating was forced by circumstances. Only then did I accepted the role. I'm not worried." Queenie Chu who plays Linda's older sister in the series was also touched by Linda's crying, she said: "I cried, heart breaking!"

Cilla Kung plays a student in the series and too praised Linda's acting as outstanding, she strongly supports her to be crowned TV Queen: "I feel this is a very good breakthrough, at first she was very cool and then when she's in a relationship, she gets really sweet. Last night, my whole family was very into watching her hysterical scene. I was even crying too!" Also, TVB and the Broadcasting Authority received 2 complaints on Yes Sir bringing the bad message of cheating relationships, which is not suitable to be broadcast at that time slot.

Miss Koo meets Kenneth Ma (Source: Mingpao)

[Spoilers] After Miss Koo gets cheated by Law Sir, she forgave him. She led her team of students and won first place in the Hong Kong wide Bowling Competition. In her love life, she meets special guest star Kenneth Ma. Will they develop a relationship? Producer Lau Ka Ho expressed that this is open for the audience to decide.

As for Law Sir and Miss Ho (Tavia Yeung), they end as a pair. It was understood that Law Sir although won great merit in the police force for his work, he decides to give up his job as a police officer and be an elementary teacher in Mainland instead. By chance, he meets Miss Ho there.

Source: Oriental Daily
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