Linda's Weibo Updates - July 2012

****translations of Linda's weibo updates for the rest of July will be continually updated in this post.

Translations by Audrey@lindachungthoughts

July 17
Linda: So cute!
(in response to Hins Cheung: Morning morning morning!)

Linda: Nice!
(in response to Carol Cheng: With handsome boys and pretty girls!)
Linda: Thank you Mummy Helen, it was delicious!
(in response to Helen Ma: Today I baked a chocolate cake for my daughter (Linda) to eat, and wished her good ratings for Witness Insecurity; hope our Blissful Ferris Wheel will also have better ratings, haha!

(Linda looks gorgeous in this pic…Helen and Linda somehow bear an uncanny resemblance. Anyone else think so too? Anyway I hope Linda’s on the road to recovery from her flu! – Audrey)
(I think it's their smile! - Lynne)

July 16
Linda: I’m really, really ill, hope I’ll be able to win the battle tomorrow!

Linda: So cute :)
(in response to: Haha! Would our looks be too funny?)

July 15
Linda: This is Jeanne, my cello teacher. I’m very happy to be able to sing live with her today. Although I’m not feeling too well, everything went rather smoothly. Thank God!

Linda: Brother Yan, you acted really well! I was really scared, but I know in real life you’re a cute BB… :)

Linda Chung FC: Tze Lam and Hung Fei

Du Yan Ge (actor who plays Hung Fei in WI): In and out of the show.

Linda: My throat’s both painful and itchy, what to do? I want to sing “The Most Fortunate Thing”!!! Hurry, go away!!!
Linda: It’ll be announced tomorrow. I hope it rises up up up!!!

Lau Kar Ho: Guess how many points the scene with “The Moon Represents My Heart” mini sing-off with garner??? A pity we’ve to wait till Monday before we know.

July 13
Linda: Thanx to all wonderful loving fans and audience support! What a blessing :)

Lau Kar Ho: Last night’s scene where Miss Kiu received Hui Sir’s encouragement and prosecutes Hung Fei brought in the highest ratings of 35 points!

Linda: Omg!!!!!! Happy happy happy!

Lau Kar Ho: Thanks to Bo Bo Zai’s encouraging re-tweet; even though it was racing night last night in Hong Kong, “Witness Insecurity” still garnered high ratings at 33 points. Thanks for everyone’s support :)

Linda: Haha! Thanx

Jason Chan: Firstly, I’d like to thank all those who supported “No Good Either Way”. Today we filmed a tennis scene for “Blissful Ferris Wheel”…it was raining and hot…definitely gotta rest after filming…here’re the recommendations for the week!

Linda: Tze Lam is so lucky, Second Uncle and Daddy are always protecting her and helping her to solve problems.
Linda: Are you guys watching?

Linda (in response to Lin Xiawei): Acting out a tennis scene so early in the morning, your body must be really fit!

July 9
Linda: Morning!
Linda: Happy!!
(in response to @LamFung…: “The Most Fortunate Thing” has hit over 17,000 clicks! Very happy that everyone likes this song so much, here’s the full version with the drama scenes!!)

Linda: What happened in tonight’s episode of “Witness Insecurity”?
 Onebird: I haven’t worked with the girl of my dreams in a long time! At the new show “Blissful Ferris Wheel”, help! There hasn’t been a single gust of wind here and it’s so hot.

Linda: Very sleepy, am filming “Blissful Ferris Wheel” now, can you guys give me some strength?

July 7
Linda: I miss the old times too!
(in response to message: Goddess…I miss you so much ah!)

July 5
Linda: Thank you Man Ji Ji (Sharon Chan’s nickname I guess? P.S., sounds so cute just like the cartoon character Monchichi! – Audrey)
(In response to Sharon Chan’s message: Please support Witness Insecurity and Three Kingdoms RPG:))

Linda: Pretty and smart girl, congrats Myolie! :)
(in response to messages from various stars congratulating Myolie on her Best Actress win at some Chinese film awards)

July 3
Linda: Today I attended an Olympics Medal Presentation event, the London Olympics is going to begin soon, which events do you guys like?

Linda: (Y) (Y) (Y)
(in response to Lau Kar Ho: The first episode of “Witness Insecurity” started on a high note, thank you to all cast and crew for your hard work, and thank you to all fans and audience for your great support.)

July 2
Linda: Did you guys catch the first episode of Witness Insecurity? What do you think of it?

Linda: Jacqueline Law, Rest in peace. God bless sister!
(in response to news of Jacqueline Law’s passing)

July 1
Linda: happy belated bday my dear!
(in response to Lin Xiawei: We who have been working hard shall continue tomorrow. Night!)