[News] Linda Chung supports 'ex' Raymond Lam: He's Very Sharp Lately

 TVB new series Witness Insecurity premiere week's ratings averaged at 31 points and peaked at 33 points. Yesterday Linda Chung, Cilla Lok, Queenie Chu and the rest of the cast celebrated the success. Bosco Wong is the lead actor, but Raymond Lam's nickname 'Chok Fung' is always mentioned in the series. This led to an online verbal war between Bosco and Raymond's fans.

Previously on Daddy Good Deeds, Linda sings Raymond Lam's Love With No Regrets and this time, Raymond never actually appears in the series, but the plot always mentions 'Chok Fung', which led to a verbal war between Bosco and Raymond's fans. Linda said: "I understand fans just want to defend their idols. Bosco and Raymond are our own people, perhaps there is a misunderstanding. Maybe because 'Chok Fung' is a hot topic, so its always used. As an artist, we cannot control what our lines are. (TVB is really trying to push Raymond up?) Well he's so sharp lately. Before while shooting series, I sometimes mention him, perhaps the producer wanted to use him as a gimmick." Linda also expressed former producer Lau Ka Ho phoned them in support of the series, she said: "Earlier it was rumored that this series was gonna get neglected, but now it's broadcasting and got 33 points, proves that TVB is still very supportive. I'm very happy with the results." Linda also expressed she feels happy because her Witness Insecurity theme song is often played and fans know how to sing the song too.

Regarding to Raymond and Bosco's fans' verbal war, Cilla Lok expressed: "Raymond and Bosco are in fact the Siu Sangs now, Bosco doesn't mind. I saw Raymond earlier at the Three Kingdoms promotion, he reduced his Choks, perhaps its because he was wearing the ancient costume!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum