Witness Insecurity Episode 08


In the previous episode, the two Hung Brothers were killed of by the police. Knowing this, Hung Fei (the one waiting to be trialed) was enrage.

So time for the trial to begin! The WPU team escorted Ji Lam (Linda Chung) and the whole Kius family to the court! While waiting for the trial to begin, Ji Lam kept looking for Hui Sir (Bosco Wong). Seems like she really wanted his support ;)

The trial begins! Gong He's (Ram Tseung) lawyer was the first to ask the witnesses. Of course he asked Ji Lam to confirm who the one she saw shot her uncle was, Hung Fei. Everything is going fine...before it was Hung Fei's lawyer's turn, there was a resting period.

Soon the resting period was over and Hung Fei's defense lawyer started his questions. He first started of asking her what she saw. He then stated that it was around 6pm that the shooting took place, after the sunset in a quiet neighbourhood without much lighting. From that, he suggested to her that the lighting was not good and because of that, she've mistaken Hung Fei for shooting instead of his defendants's driver. (Back then the driver had pleaded guilty for the shot....but we all know he did that because of Hung Fei's power :P) Ji Lam got really emotional about this and told him that she did not mistaken the identities. Gong He's lawyer made an objection to what Hung Fei's lawyer assumption but was overturned.

Hung Fei's lawyer then asked Ji Lam how she felt when she saw her uncle got shot. He then brought out her psychological disorder as a claim that her statement should not be fully trusted because of her sickness. Ji Lam was shocked by this. Even worse? He then brought up her brother's death and stated how this case was similar to that. In both cases, Ji Lam could only witness her close family member get hurt and is unable to help them. From her brother's case, she ended up diagnosed with psychological disorders for ten years. So he told the court that in this similar situation, the shock once again could've cause her mental state and thoughts to be confuse. In the end, Ji Lam had a breakdown as she got pressed by his questions...I felt so bad for her. Unfortunately, she have to return to court again the next day to testify.

At home, Ji Lam pretended to be ok but in the end confessed to Gong San (Paul Chun) that she was really scared. She was really scared that the lawyer would press those questions at her again and fear that Hung Fei would walk away free. Ji Lam didn't want to disappoint her family...

Ji Lam sat outside to play her cello...as a way to calm herself. Hui Sir then came to her as she dropped her cello stick. Seeing Ji Lam's fear, he decided to tell her a story. He told her that when he was small, his home caught on fire and his parents were just lying on the floor. He knew that they were dead...but couldn't do anything beside cry. Luckily, a neighbour rescued him from the fire but he still couldn't stop crying. At that time, the man knocked on his forehead two times and told him, "You're a big boy. You can handle it." That helped him to hang on until today. That guy who rescued him is truly a model that anybody can look up too, I think he's the reason why Hui Sir became a cop ;) From that story, Hui Sir is telling Ji Lam to have faith in herself and that everything will be alright. Very sweet.

The trial is once again taken place. This time, it was requested by Gong San to have Hui Sir sit in the trial....to support Ji Lam :) Like expected, Hung Fei's used questions to pressure Ji Lam again. When she was about to breakdown again, she looked from people to people to seek help. Ji Lam's eyes then contacted Hui Sir, who in return knocked on his forehead twice. Seeing that calmed Ji Lam down...and she gathered herself up again to answer Hung Fei's lawyer with confidence. She told him not only did she see the gun shot, she also heard, "Brother fei, don't do it!" So she's absolutely sure that it was Hung Fei who shot her uncle. In the end, Hung Fei got sentenced life imprisonment! Whoo! Everything is over!! Sad thing about that? The WPU team will have to leave soon Q.Q

Gong San then had a talk with Hui Sir to thanks his WPU team for all their work. He also told Hui Sir that he's Ji Lam's new spiritual support :P Haha. Gong San then offered him a flat but Hui Sir refused, so then he offered a check. Gong San was not impress since Hui Sir is not giving him face....so in the end, Hui Sir asked Gong San just for a letter of commendation for his team ;) All good.

Before the WPU team gets off, Gong San decided to take a trip to HK Disneyland ;) At first Ji Lam was quite nervous but after she talked to this little girl, her nervousness was gone. Haha that was so cute!! Gong He, Gong San and Ji Lam couldn't stop taking photos. I want to go there too...with the WPU team though because there would be Bosco :P Ji Lam went on a couple of rides and all of them were with Hui Sir :) Later, they got a big group photo with everyone....Ji Lam stood next to Hui Sir. Haha she looks so happy!

Ji Lam was shopping at a store when Hui Sir's cousin, Hao Yan (Cilia Kung), appeared. She wanted a picture with Ji Lam and also gave her a card of an organization that donates old clothes to children.

They then had dinner there. Ji Lam sat with Gong San on her left and Gong He on her right. It's funny how they began teasing her about getting a boyfriend...she kept looking at Hui Sir :P So cute! Gong He then told her to let go of his arm as he goes of to flirt with the female WPU members. Gong San still went on about her getting a boyfriend though. He told her that the guy must not smoke, that he shouldn't drink too much and that his mouth have to be big because a man with a big mouth will be successful. Cute father-daughter moment :) Even though Ji Lam told him that she would stay by his side forever and won't get a boyfriend, she kept on glancing over at Hui Sir.

AW so how is Ji Lam going to see Hui Sir again after the WPU team leaves? :(