Witness Insecurity Episode 6

THIS IS MY THIRD TIME WRITING THIS POST! Omg...I can't believe it..first my sister accidentally deleted my tabs and the first post was not saved. And then the second post, I was half way through the summary when I accidentally closed the tabs again...ugh!!! So yah...third time writing this...so excuse the lack of details.

In the previous episode, we found out Ji Lam's (Linda Chung) traumatic childhood event. When she was young, her parents were often away due to businesses and so she grew up with her older brother. They were extremely close since he's always there to take care of her. One day they were at the beach and built a sand castle. Ji Lam took a picture of the castle before the waves destroyed it. Unfortunately the picture flew into the ocean and so her brother went to retrieve it. The waves carried the picture further and further and as he chased after is, he got caught in the currents. Too young to do anything, Ji Lam could only yell for help while witnessing how the waves took her brother away. After this, Ji Lam withdrew herself from the world and ended up with the mood disorder...

Now onto this episode, the WPU team is accused of stealing some money from Gong San's wife (Rachel Kwan), who left the money in her purse. In the end, Gong San (Paul Chun) told everybody to forget about the event since he did not want it to affect their operation. Despite his orders though, Wai Sum (Bosco Wong) carried of the investigation because he wanted to clear the team's reputation since they know Gong San did really believe one of them stole the money. Seeing that, Ji Lam wanted to help him out. Result, she found out who took the money. Surprisingly it is her uncle, Gong He (Ram Tseung), who took the money. He took it when Gong San's wife was in the washroom and she didn't hear that he wanted to borrow it because of the running water. Luckily the money were sequenced so it was easily recognize, since Gong He had forgotten he borrowed it. It's only when Ji Lam saw the sequenced money in his purse that triggered his memory.

To thanks Ji Lam for her help, the WPU team wanted to give her some sort of plant (Ji Lam loves gardening) as a thank you gift. In the end, Wai Sum chose to give a cactus. Lols this was so funny but yet cute...who'd give a cactus as a gift? Haha just quite unexpected. Ji Lam was so happy receiving it though. I want a cactus too :P But it have to be given from Bosco Wong...haha.

We know that Gong He was shot by Hung Fei, who is now waiting in jail to be trialed. His brothers tried everything they could to get rid of the only witness of the shooting, Ji Lam, but failed. In the end, they came to a truce with Gong San. In return for an easy life in jail for Hung Fei, they promised not to cause any more problems (ambushing Ji Lam etc). Hung fei was enraged by this when the brothers told him...but later accepted it. No more worries for Gong San...

A famous music agent (pianist), Mack Hartin, is coming to Hong Kong and would like to perform with Ji Lam's sinfonietta. Of course that would be dangerous for Ji Lam since it will be open to a big audience...security will have to really tighten for it. At last, Ji Lam, Gong San and Gong He were able to convince Wai Sum to hold the concert. Ji Lam is really excited for this since she really admire the pianist.

After that, Ji Lam often practice at her old house (the one where she lived when she was small with her brother). One day, on their way back home the wind suddenly took her scarf away. It is her mother's scarf and it blew down the slope. Wai Sum then went down to get it and spotted a skeleton, with a back pack and a ring. He suddenly burst into tears....Ji Lam didn't know why.

We then got to know later from Gong He that the skeleton found is actually Wai Sum's girlfriend. She have been missing for eight years and Wai Sum have been looking for her all these years. Back then, they were suppose to meet up for a very difficult hike (in Sai Kung) when Wai Sum suddenly got called for an operation. After that day, she went missing because of a storm. Wai Sum took a leave of work for 3 months to look for her in Sai Kung but never found anything. Still he continued to search for her...for eight years. Coincidentally, when he went to retrieve Ji Lam's scarf...he finally found her. Turns out she've decided to go to their usual trail in Shek O...that's why Wai Sum never found her in Sai Kung.

Eight years...that's a long time. At first I thought his girlfriend was still alive but apparently not. Wai Sum is such a dedicated man...So then the funeral was held for her. She has no family members...so Wai Sum organized everything. None of the Kius attended, but all sent a flower basket...including Ji Lam. Afterwards, Wai Sum disperse her ashes into the sea since they've wanted to live on a boat together before. Flashbacks of the couple flashed into his head as he rode of in the motorcycle...maybe it's time to let go?

Once again it's time for Ji Lam to meet with her doctor (Queenie Chu). She asked Ji Lam to draw a house, a tree and a person. According to her, Ji Lam drawing shows a positive response. The picture includes a house with an open window..showing that Ji Lam is willing to open herself to contact the world, the tree have few marks on them, showing that she've been in a peaceful mood and the girl she drew is opening her arms, saying that he's willing to communicate with others. Beside those, she also drew a car and a lamp. The car represent the new people in her life (WPU team) but the lamp says that she's ok with them. Quite interesting how these therapy works...

So now, the WPU team is getting ready for the concert ;) Let's see what will happen in the next episode!