Linda Thoughts is Recruiting

For long-term visitors, you guys may notice that updates are not as frequent as before. This is because I don't have much time like I use to. If you are interested and think you may enjoy blogging, you can apply to be an co-author! What this is:

-posting up news articles
-posting up pictures of recent events
-posting up videos of the recent events
***basically doing what I do right now***

More? You can basically create your own posts (of course Linda re-lated). Examples? Linda's Fashion, Why you like Linda?, discuss your favourite role of Linda's, screencaps of her series, sharing some pictures of her you like (Picture Feature), sharing fan mvs or videos you found interesting (Video Feature), talk about all her different hairstyles? fanfictions etc This can be called..."creative posting"?

Those are all posts you can do. I personally wanted to do posts like these but never found the time, beside some Picture Feature and Video Features. So if you are interested, please don't hesitate to email me at

This does not require anything beside your name, what you would be posting (creative posts, news articles etc) and that you're a Linda fan :) Once emailed, I will be adding you as a blog author of Linda Chung Thoughts on blogger so you can freely post anytime you want. **note that all posts will have to be first reviewed by me though. Why? This is to avoid anything inappropriate or Linda-hating posts**

Please don't think that you are "obliged" to post frequently. When you post is for you to decide. You do not have to update the news/pictures of events like I do, you can simply write one of those fun posts about Linda's hair or something. Once a week? Once a month? It does not matter how often you post. Just have fun with your posts :)

This just gives the chance for every Linda fan to share their thoughts, so please don't be scared to email me :)  Always love getting to know more Linda fans!

Are you updated with Linda's schedule? For example upcoming functions, events etc? If so, apply to help us keep an updated schedule of that!

Example (I am totally making this schedule up!):
-Currently filming Blissful Ferris Wheel

Upcoming Events:
[06/09/12] House of Harmony and Vengeance Promotion Event @ "name"mall
[06/15/12] Diamond Jewelry's Opening @ "store"
[06/24/12] Blissful Ferris Wheel Blessing Ceremony

Apply with:
1) Name
2) Linda's Current Schedule
3) Your source (where you got the info of the schedule, have to be from a trustable source please)

Apply to:

There are many Linda fans out there who may not understand Chinese, including me. So this is why we are hoping to recruit some help to translate news articles, weibo updates etc, in order to keep everybody updated with Linda's ongoing activities. So if you are fluent in both English and Chinese, a translator would be the job for you!

We do have two translators but they have been quite busy lately, that is why we're hoping to have some more support :)

Apply with:
1) Name
2) A translation of this article: (a few paragraphs taken from an old article...)




Translating can be a hard job and time-consuming, so please keep that mind when you are applying.

For this, you do not have to search up the articles yourself though. People had often prefer me sending them the articles, so I will be doing that. Depending on your time, you may prefer different kind of translating:

-magazine articles (probably the most time consuming, will be sent to you)
-news articles (will be sent to you)
-weibo updates (this will only require one person, but he/she will have to be updated with Linda's sina)
-videos (Providing the translation of Linda's clips. The clips are for you to choose, depending on your own interest (ex: promo clips, interviews, small interesting excerpts from different clips etc))

3) Please state what you want to translate (ex. news article)

Apply to: