[News] Philip Ng, Linda Is Worth 110%

Philip Ng and Linda has been a subject of media gossip for the past several years although both of them deny any involvement in a relationship. Philip admits to have seen Linda's acting in the new drama and said she is a girlfriend who is worth 110%.

Philip and Andy On attended a party last night. Philip was asked whether he has seen Linda in the new drama, Witness Insecurity where she plays a girl with emotional problems. Philip asked, "Is it the one where Linda plays the cello? Yes, I have seen her in the drama. Every role she plays has different challenges and playing this character with emotional problems is also very challenging." When reporters mentioned Linda bought a new house in Canada, Philip congratulated her, "I did not go see the new house with her. I also want to buy a few more houses myself. I presently have one house." When asked about his marriage, Philip expressed that he believes in God. He and his family believes God has planned ahead for him, so there is no need to be inpatient. When mentioned about Linda's confession of being a whinny girlfriend to her future boyfriend, Philip dumbfoundedly replied, "Really? Why don't you ask Andy? (reporter: Has she ever got whinny at you?) I don't know the answer but I believe Linda is a very very good girlfriend (reporter: So, is she worth 100%?) No, she is worth 110%! ".

translated by greenb1a@lindachung.ca

From the translated article, Phillip just commented that he believes Linda is a very good girlfriend, never admitted the she is HIS girlfriend. But I guess the way he phrased it was kinda confusing...still, I don't think he confirmed their relationship yet :)