Linda's Weibo Updates - June 2012

Translations by Audrey@lindachungthoughts

June 23
Linda: Why’re you looking at me? :D

June 20
Linda: Big Brother On, happy birthday! I wish you good health and may you always be fortunate :) -Little sis
(in response to several birthday wishes to Michael Miu)

June 13
Linda: And thank you Versace for the beautiful dress :)
Linda: Thank you ‘Rosenthal meets Versace’ for the beautiful brooch. It’s in my favorite color, pink, and it’s got pictures of butterflies :)

June 12
Linda: Hehe…
(in response to Johnny Yim: We’re very lucky that Linda Chung dressed up for today’s recording)

June 10
Linda: No matter how busy I am, I’ve still got to boil these :)

June 9
Linda: Tonight I feel so blessed :) It’s not because of money, not a special opportunity at work, nor because of something material. It’s simply because if one feels blessed then one will be blessed. It’s all in our heads. Let’s be grateful together :)

June 6
Linda: Please support :)
(in response to Myolie’s weibo: Everybody please support us!)
Linda: Great News! Congratulations to Real + Miriam Family :)
(in response to Real Ting’s announcement of the birth of their child)