Linda Weibo Updates - May 2012

Translations by Audrey@lindachungthoughts

May 30
Linda: Zhu-zai, you’re welcome J Let’s work hard together!!!
(in response to Brian Chu: The first day of outdoor shoots for “Blissful Ferris Wheel” has successfully ended, thanks Elder Sis Linda Chung :))

Linda: Funny women pose at the washroom door :) Today’s adorable discovery :)

May 28
Linda: It’s a smooth-going day! Let’s work hard together!!
(in response to Jason Chan: hey hey, we’ve finished the first day of shoots for “Blissful Ferris Wheel”, we had lots of fun!)

May 26
Linda: Congrats Sis-in-law Sonjia Kwok! You must rest well! May your entire family be prosperous, have good health and be happy everyday :)
(in response to Michael Miu’s congratulatory message to Sonija Kwok on the birth of her child)

Linda: Are you guys looking forward to this? Have you taken your vaccinations yet hahaha
(in response to Joe Yeung: Today’s MV shooting day and the first to begin is…Linda Chung! You guys must have waited really long for this right? Pretty pretty pretty :))