Linda's Weibo Updates - July 2012 (Part 2)

****translations of Linda's weibo updates for the rest of July will be continually updated in this post.

Translations by Audrey@lindachungthoughts

July 28
Linda: Which pair of legs are sexier???

July 27
Linda: Hehe…..
(in response to KuangaiTVB’s weibo post: [TVB’s No 1 Heartbroken Woman] Falls in love with the elder brother, he doesn’t love her; falls in love with the younger brother, he doesn’t believe her, she leaves HK. Falls in love with a teacher, teacher makes use of her, wrecks her family, she leaves HK. Falls in love with a white-collar worker and a rich man, leaves HK when both of them leave her. Falls in love with a cop, leaves HK, comes back, cop dies…)
(Audrey: Linda’s roles are quite tragic indeed! Gem of Life, Yes Sir Sorry Sir, L’escargot and now Witness Insecurity! :( )
Linda: A complete ending! Am thankful for such a fun bunch of teammates! Had such a happy dinner tonight!

Linda: (she posted the first two lines of the Witness Insecurity theme song)
(in response to fans’ weibo posts about Hui Sir’s death in the show)

Linda: The moon represents my heart…

Linda: Watching….

Linda: Are you ready to watch Witness Insecurity? We are ready :)

Linda: What color should I get for tonight’s dinner while we watch the last episode?

July 26

Linda: You guys have to support the last episode!!!

June 25

Linda: :)
(in response to Linda’s FC: A very matching pose in the middle!! and Patrick Tang: This might be a picture of a future son-in-law and in-law!)
Linda: Plz support :)
(in response to Lau Ka-Ho’s weibo post: Last 3 nights, last 4 episodes, please continue to support Hui Sir tonight ok? Last night’s ratings were at a high on 36 points)
July 24
Linda: What!!!!! Real crazy!
(in response to Bondy Chiu’s weibo post: I’ll take a pic like this with better results!)

Linda: The signal-10 typhoon is really scary, if only the WPU guys were by my side…hehe

Linda: The rainstorm is really heavy! I hope everyone stays safe and rests well at home :)
(Linda looks so hot in this picture! Wonder which publication it’s from… - Audrey)

July 23
Linda: Daddy officially won’t let Tze Lam and Hui Sir be together. What to do?

Linda: Wow! (Y)
(in response to a fan’s weibo post that Linda’s previous post – a photo of her and Bosco – garnered 30,000 reposts)

July 22
Linda: Here’s a pic of Miss Kiu and Hui Sir!

(Am really in love with this pair! I really hope TVB hasn’t indeed cut WI to 19 episodes instead of 20, as rumoured. It’s such a good series!! – Audrey)
(From what I heard, it's not actually cut but there will be a two episodes finale (instead of airing the last two episodes separately on two different days, they'll air it on one day?). So hopefully that is true....since they often do this too don't they? Like they did for No Good Either Way. Fans would get really upset if they cut it :( - Lynne)
If anybody is wondering what we're talking about, here's the news article:

Linda’s “give energy” emoticons, in response to Lin Xiawei’s weibo post: “The most fortunate thing is…that even in our stormiest days, we still insist on having time together. (kiss emoticon)”

July 21
Linda: Happy birthday to Brother Ka-Ho, Sis-in-law and Little Sister! I wish you good health and happiness everyday :)
(in response to Mui Siu Ching’s weibo post: “Today is a good day! All along I’ve known that Sonija Kwok and Ka-Ho share the same birthday, but I found out that Third Sister (from Daddy Good Deeds) Cilla Lok shares the same birthday as them too! I wish you all good health and may all your wishes come true! Live happily every day :))

Linda: Am really happy that my song – The Most Fortunate Thing, has garnered over 500,000 clicks online. Unfortunately it was deleted a few days ago, but I hope that after the song gets re-uploaded, you’ll still support it!

July 20
Linda: Happy to hear you’re happy dear :)
(In response to Leanne Li’s weibo post about her Dad preparing breakfast for her)

Linda: Wow, it’s really short…but I’m sure you’ll still look very pretty :)
(in response to Myolie Wu’s weibo post: “This is the picture he gave me, Natalie Portman is really beautiful. But I’ve never had (hair) so short before!”)

July 19
Linda: Because of Witness Insecurity’s success, I’ve got myself a new fan :D

Linda: So happy that everyone likes the Kiu Zi Lam and Hui Wai Sum pairing, I hope their relationship will be able to bear fruit :)
(in response to a cute fanmade comparison between Hui Sir and DGD’s Ko Yu Zhu and wonders if they were colleagues under the same boss!)

July 18
Linda: Am really happy that everyone enjoys Witness Insecurity so much. Thanks to the Witness Insecurity team for your hard work! I hope everyone continues to like it! Also, thanx to Jipijapa for summer shoes :)