[News] Netizens Vow Not to Watch Ghetto Justice 2 Because of Witness Insecurity Ending

After news broke out that Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu ended their 8-year relationship, rumors had it that it was due to a third party on Bosco's side. However, it doesn't seem to be affecting his career too much as he is continuing to film dramas in China and also achieved great ratings for "Witness Insecurity." His role of cool and affectionate Hui Sir won the hearts of many audiences. In the finale aired last night Hui Sir unfortunately had a tragic death, causing netizens to explode in criticisms. They criticized that it was far-fetched and unreasonable when wounded Hui Sir was trying to find Kui Chi Lum (Linda Chung) on his motorbike. They complained that this was the worst finale ever and fans requested them to refilm the ending or film a sequel to bring Hui Sir back to life.

Netizens vow not to watch Ghetto Justice 2

Netizens pointed out that because TVB is in a hurry to broadcast Ghetto Justice 2, they cut Witness Insecurity from 28 episodes down to 20 episodes; thus leaving the drama to this choppy ending. Some netizens even went further and vented, "Let us protest by not watching Ghetto Justice 2!"

Producer Lau Ka Ho expressed his satisfaction for the drama for causing such a big response and also for achieving over a 30-point average rating. He admitted that the ending may not be the favorite for some audience, but revealed that he also received alot of congratulatory messages on Weibo.

Source: Chinapress.com.my
Translated by: xbunnylicious @ AsianFanatics