[News] Linda Chung Says Raymond Lam's Appearances in Latest Drama is a Gimmick


The TVB drama "Witness Insecurity", starring Linda Chung and Bosco Wong, has enjoyed high tv ratings since its initial broadcast. Yesterday night, the ratings averaged at 30 points and peaked at 31 points. Apart from lead male actor Bosco Wong, who was unable to attend due to work commitments, all of the drama's key actors and actresses attended a promotional event yesterday and celebrated the high ratings. Cilla Kung stole the limelight with her back revealing outfit.

In the drama "Witness Insecurity", Raymond Lam's MV was played continuously throughout and the characters often used the phrase 「Chok峯」(Chok Fung). This triggered an online feud between Bosco Wong and Raymond Lam's fans, with the former's fans complaining that Bosco was taken advantage of; whereas Raymond's fans were also quick to protect their own idol.

Regarding this matter, Linda Chung believes it is just a gimmick. She said, "Raymond is part of our company. I've also sung Raymond's songs before in previous dramas. Sometimes as an actress, it is impossible to make changes to the script and dialogue. Anyway, I think the audience will accept this as it is just a gimmick."

Cilla commented, "This is just promotion so it's okay! I don't think Bosco minds, especially since they are both TVB's "Siu Sangs" (lead actors). I have been able to work with Bosco in this drama and with Raymond in "Three Kingdoms RPG". I really want to emulate their success in both music, television and cinema."

It has been pointed out earlier that since the drama's producer, Lau Kar Ho has now joined "nowTV", there has been little promotion for "Witness Insecurity". Now that the drama is receiving high ratings, Linda says, "Well it just shows that those were merely rumours. We have been celebrating the high ratings today at the promotional event. I want to thank the audience for their support."

Sources: singpao hk (article), wenweipo (photo)
Translation by jammy@ LindaCottage