TVB Weekly Vol.787 - Linda Chung Relies On Herself When Being Attacked

An article from the magazine on the filming of Blissful Ferris Wheel.

In the series (Witness Insecurity), Linda Chung plays a rich girl who, due to witnessing a crime, is in danger of being hunted down by the criminals. Luckily for her, the police force assigns the Witness Protection Unit to protect her. Led by Bosco Wong, the team ensures that she remains unharmed. In the upcoming drama (Blissful Ferris Wheel) (temporary name), her character as a social worker for a charity group has none of the riches (from her character in WI). She helps people look for their loved ones, who have gone missing due to natural disasters, wars, or family issues. In the process, she gets attacked. But this time, she can only protect herself, in bid to prevent herself from getting hurt.

caption 1: Turning Pale With Fear
Linda Chung gets ambushed with a sudden attack from the mysterious woman on the streets. It scares her till she turns pale. When Jason Chan sees Linda being threatened with a knife, he immediately comes forward to rescue her.

caption 2: Discovering The Truth
While she is looking for a kidnapped baby, Linda Chung finds out that a mentally unstable woman has taken the baby. Hence, she ends up being trailed by this woman.

Fans Turning Unwelcome People Away
In the show, Linda Chung works as a social worker in a charity group, and together with her colleague in the series Jason Chan, they look for missing people. Earlier, both of them filmed a scene where, because they were on the case of a baby who had been kidnapped, they ended up being attacked by a mentally unstable lady. To film this scene, Linda Chung took ample precautions and wore protective gear. She said: “Actually I’m used to filming (scenes) where I have to fall on the ground and get knocked around. Every time, I would wear protective gear, plus each time there’ll be professionals around who’d teach me how to film these scenes. Hence there isn’t a need to worry at all.” She laughed, “I’ve never been attacked in real life, because I’ve my manager and my fans to protect me.” She said, “My fans and manager love me a lot; and if there are people who are over-enthusiastic around, they’ll help me turn them away. So I’ve never been in those (sticky) situations.”

caption 1: Making Ample Preparations
Linda Chung, who has always been serious when it comes to work, and her partner Jason Chan, memorize and practice their lines together. They prepare for their roles well, and naturally filming goes on smoothly.

caption 2: A Friendly Side
When they were filming outdoors, Jason Chan and Linda Chung met quite a few fans requesting to take pictures with them. Both of them warmly welcomed it, showing their friendly sides.

caption 3: Admiring The Good Stuff
In the show (Blissful Ferris Wheel), Linda Chung has a secret crush on Jason Chan. In real life, she honestly shared that she admires his positivity, and his ability to take care of others. No wonder he’s followed in Moses Chan’s footsteps and is acknowledged to be one of the “better, higher quality” male artistes!

Source: Linda Garden
Translated by Audrey@