[News] Linda Chung & Philip Ng have already met the parents

In the recent year, Linda Chung has been promoted as one of the first line TVB FaDans. She does acting and singing, charged into the music scene, released several albums and sings the drama theme songs. As she continuously climbs up in her career, she hopes to keep her love life low-key. Earlier, rumored boyfriend Philip Ng complemented that she's a 110% girlfriend. She also praised him back and said he's a good choice for a husband, but the two have not admitted to their relationship.

In Linda's latest series Witness Insecurity, she plays a rich girl with clinical depression and is protected by her father. In reality, her parents have taught her since childhood that she must not be at a disadvantage to any guy, so all along, she had been very careful when choosing a partner. She knows to take it step by step when meeting guys. Linda rarely has rumors, she said: "There are lot of people making their relationships public now. If it's good, then it's good, but when it's not good, then there will be a lot of trouble that comes along. I am a person, who gets familiar with others slowly, I have to know the person for a few years before I develop further with them." The rumor with Philip has been going on for 5 years, is it still not the right time to go public? "Five years is just how long we have known each other."

Linda and Philip often keep in touch by phone, and have already met the parents: "My parents have seen all my friends. He also likes to bring his parents everywhere he goes. Philip looks really strong on the outside, but in fact he's very attentive." When asked if he would make a good husband? Linda said: "I think he's a good man, meets my standards. I'm a strange person, but he's patient."

When she first debuted, the passive Linda was not used to communicating with strangers, and usually kept everything inside: "Can't say it's depression, but sometimes I would cry at home, thinking that there are people bad mouthing me." After she entered the industry, she started to understand sometimes you have to take things slowly.

When speaking of the end of the year awards, Linda expressed let nature take its course: "I'm not good enough yet, still have great room for improvement." Last year, her 'Miss Koo' role lost the 'My Favorite Female Character Award', but she learned to accept the circumstances. "When a good role comes along, then you won't be able to stop the award from coming. Perhaps it's not the right time now." Linda supports Tavia Yeung because she is a very hardworking actress.

[The Sun] In episode 10 of Witness Insecurity, Netizens found a discrepancy. The plot was about Cilla Lok asked to delete the photo of Bosco Wong and Linda that she uploaded on social networking site (Friendsbook), but once she logged into the site, the webpage turned into Fansbook. The scenes were extremely inconsistent! Also, a Netizen suspected Linda's theme song plagarized Ivana Wong's A Touching Second (一秒感動) since the first 5 tones were the same.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/