Witness Insecurity GIFs


Episode 4...probably my favourite episode right now. I love how awkward Linda acted. You can tell Ji Lam was trying very hard to talk to the "stranger" (Bosco Wong). This scene...one word of thanks from Ji Lam (Linda Chung) and a simple eye contact along with the background music, already made it one of my favourite scene so far! Smiled the whole way through :)

Didn't do a gif of Bosco in the end...but his expression was pretty funny too after Linda left. lols he was quite surprise she said thank you :P

This is making me anticipate Boda even more!!!! Want to watch the next episodes so badly....tvb should just release the whole series at once, I'd do a Witness Insecurity marathon ;P Finish it after...1 day and 1 night. Haha